3 types of TV console that will spruce up your living room

Over the years, we have seen significant use of TV consoles, from just securing your TV set to holding game consoles, DVD players, and other accessories. TV consoles offer both appeal, function to your living room, and offered with different types of prices and designs. Many homeowners like to match the design according to their house themes, such as color of their leather sofa.

LCD TV Consoles

They are easy to assemble, lightweight, and are having a good design to accommodate LCD TV. You can keep the TV in a vertical or horizontal position. They also have extenders to hold a larger TV.

Plasma TV Consoles

They are quite heavier and wider as compared to traditional consoles. They can hold heavy Plasma TV over the top shelf. Some of them also have drawers and cabinets, while some have ample room for your music system and game consoles. They can also keep cords and cables hidden and they are either suspended or wall-mounted. They can serve up to 60 inches of flat screen TV.

Corner TV Consoles

If your corner spot or room shape is weird, you may need a corner TV console, which can fit quite well. It can serve a large TV when it is wall mounted. However, you need to consider how far is the position of your chair to figure out its height. They are very popular for small living rooms.

Swivel TV Consoles

Is your living room exposing to constant glare or direct sunlight all day long? You may need a swivel TV console. It is robust and the design is to adjust for various viewing angles. In addition, you can adjust the height, as it is easy to maneuver and it is made of durable and heavy-duty materials.

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