4 Important Steps To Ensure A Clean Home Post-Renovation

Maintaining a luxury interior design goes beyond aesthetics and visuals – cleanliness is also an essential factor!

If you’ve just gone through a HDB or landed property renovation, then you’d want to ensure your home immediately looks spick and span for a liveable environment. The renovation works include lots of drilling and hacking, so even if your constructor has swept up the remaining construction debris, performing a thorough clean-up is still necessary.

Arranging for a deep post-construction clean up can be outsourced or done by yourself. For the latter, read on as we guide you through the cleaning process after a major renovation.

1. Open up all the windows

Before getting down to business, making sure that the house is well-ventilated is essential. Open up your windows, and if you have one, switch on your air filter to absorb remaining dust particles floating around in the air.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, preferably with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), then that’s even better. HEPA vacuums are better at trapping smaller particles as compared to regular vacuum cleaners.

2. Do a dry clean

Always start from the top before working your way to the bottom. With a dry cloth, wipe the shelves and countertops – this includes the inside of your cupboards and light fixtures too! Use a vacuum cleaner or a sweeping broom to get rid of any remaining dust on the floor. Don’t forget the walls! You can wipe off the dust on the walls and ceiling by tying a cleaning cloth around the end of a long stick, such as a broom handle.

Even if your soft furniture has already been covered in plastic or newspaper, a thorough clean must be done as mattresses, sofas, carpets and curtains often accumulate dust.

3. Start damp cleaning

Similar to dry cleaning, start from the top first. Micro-fibre cleaning materials pick up residue dust, fine particles and water effectively and leave surfaces almost spotless. Use a micro-fibre cloth with a surface disinfector and clean off the remaining specks of dust and dirt by wiping any surfaces, such as the walls, doorknobs, fan panels, window sills and doors. Dust takes time to settle, so you will need to continuously wipe over a few days.

4. Get rid of any stains

Fingerprints and pesky stains are inevitable post-construction. Don’t fret as they can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth and gentle detergent! If you spot any tile grout, use warm water to wet the surface. Then, rub a ball of fine wire wool, or wire sponge, gently over the grout, and it will begin dissolving after some time. Or, use any tools like a screwdriver to scrape the grout out!


Performing a deep-clean session around your household is beneficial to maintain a good state of hygiene during the COVID-19 period and to ensure you will be living in a newly renovated home with a healthy, dust-free environment.

If you have any enquiries on bedroom renovations or any of our interior design package, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly designers! We’ll be more than happy to attend to you.

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