4 Key Considerations For Planning An Upcoming Seminar

There are many seminars and training on a daily basis in Singapore. People have identified seminars and training as the best places to gain information and knowledge without having to spend a lot of time in classrooms.

With every member attending the seminar having expectations to gain knowledge, there is need to consider several factors before you arrange an event. These factors will help in ensuring that the training event becomes a success.

Below are the key factors discussed in details:

Size of the target audience

This is among the first things that come to your mind when you decide to have an event for training or seminar. The reason why the size is very important is to better prepare the speaker in delivering and the materials needed for the participants. The size of the audience can also ease the process of decorating or preparing the room style which best suits the event. It is also very critical when it comes to budgeting since training people comes with both hidden and open costs. It is, therefore, a recommendation that you know in advance the number and let other things flow much easier.


The venue defines where the training will be taking place. Singapore itself has many training rooms and centres. As the event organizer, you will, therefore, have a mandate of deciding which option to go by before you start the event. This is where the size of the target audience matters a lot. Because you will choose a training room based on the number of people who are likely to turn up. You will also need to compare the cost of several venues so as to have a wider option to pick from. The venue should also be at a central place based on where the audience is coming from. It will make accessibility an easier task and even saves on costs.


You need to table down the objectives or the purpose of you carrying out the training event. It is among the top factors for you to take note off. You need to know the topics that will be taught at the event, the agenda of the training and also ask why people will have to attend the event. Only from knowing the purpose and objectives of the event can help you manage the event alone as a facilitator or seek some help from other professionals.

Key speakers

After you have identified the topics that will be taught at the event, the search for reliable speakers begin. It is vital not to conduct event topics that you are not well conversant. If there’s no other choice, ensure that someone who knows the topic well or look for a third party to help you out. Be sure to know the cost of having the speakers. Those who are your close friends may choose to offer the services for free or at a much-discounted price.

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