4 Reasons To Consider Mandarin Online Learning At Home

Thanks to the global pandemic, much of the world has gone into some form of lockdown. And with that, classes in schools and enrichment centres have mostly shifted online in a bid to continue providing education.

Is that an inconvenience? Or could it be a blessing in disguise?

Of course, there are many wonderful merits of having face-to-face classes. The classroom camaraderie, on top of the real-time advice, makes for a more enriching learning experience. However, that’s not to say online learning is the lesser alternative. We have embraced online classes even before this, as a viable option for busy adults who wish to learn Mandarin from the comfort of their own homes.

Even as all our classes have moved online for the time being, we continue to see the positive impact of online learning on our students. While it may not be the same for everyone, here are some benefits that participating in online courses gives you!


Online classes give you increased flexibility as to where and how you want to study. Especially true for classes which are conducted entirely based on pre-prepared materials, these classes may allow you to study anytime of the day as well! However, if you have an online class with real-time Zoom or Skype sessions, it might be a little less flexible in terms of timing – but it is still easy to pick a timeslot in your day as it barely takes up 1 hour of your time per week.


With the flexibility you get, it means you can have your classes in the comfort of your own home, or a quiet library, or a nook in your favourite cafe – whatever floats your boat! (But, of course, for now, you should be doing it at home!) As long as you have a conducive environment that is free of distractions, online lessons give you the luxury of choice whether you want to have lessons in your PJs, with your pet snuggled next to you, or at your study table with a good cuppa in hand.


If you compare most online courses to their classroom equivalents, you’ll realise that online courses are often more affordable. Our regular online Mandarin courses are priced at lower rates than our in-person courses – which makes for a great option if you are on a budget! In addition, if you have extra time on your hands this month due to the stay-home measures, you’ll find plenty of free and discounted online courses being offered by prestigious universities and learning providers.

Saves Time

One of the greatest advantages of online courses is that they save you a lot of time. No travelling needed – you can even squeeze in a class during your lunch break, if you wish. It takes out the trouble of having to look for a class that’s conducted in a convenient location for you. So, there’s no excuse for not taking the first step to learn a new language because you don’t have time. With online language courses, it takes one more hurdle away!

Many people think of online classes as the last resort – but we hope these reasons let you see online courses in a different light! So, whether your classes have been shifted online by the circumstances, or whether you were initially a firm believer of in-person classes, perhaps it’s time to be thankful for the conveniences that online learning offers. Ultimately, with a thirst for learning, it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on – effective learning can take place anywhere!

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