4 Reasons Why To Partake In Corporate Team Building

Put your hands up if you have rolled your eyes the moment you heard that your company was going to hold yet another team building activity.

We’ve all done it, and it’s understandable. But, the truth is, there’s a reason why the best companies invest heavily on corporate team building activities in Singapore – they work and ultimately help pad the company’s bottom line.

Below are the many benefits of team building activities, which also serve as proof on why they are really necessary.

1.    Increased motivation

You’d be surprised how giving employees something different to look forward to can motivate them greatly. There are many activities that one can do to get the office motivated to work more productively.

You can choose to have a team bonding every once in a while, such as once every two months or once every month to really develop a deeper bond between your employees and yourself. Going out for a casual bowling match with the office or challenging yourselves at an escape room in Singapore are a couple of great ideas one can partake in for a team building activity.

If not, a simple barbeque night every two weeks, or a company dinner every Friday pretty much does it already. Though it might not sound like much, it gives employees a sense that they’re working for something.

2.    Encourages communication

This is perhaps the most important benefit of team building activities.

Sometimes, employees are content to simply be co-workers – mere acquaintances who talk to each other in the office and wouldn’t even pass a glance to each other outside of it.

That shouldn’t be the case.

Team building activities help officemates establish a relationship outside of work with each other, which, in turn, can help them communicate with each other and be more productive in the office.

3.    Identifying strengths and weaknesses

People stand out, both in a good and bad way, better when in a more casual setting.

Depending on the team building activity chosen, you might be able to single out people who are the most competitive, the evangelizers who will sing your company praises and just love going to work regardless, the natural-born leaders, the problem-solvers, and so on.

Identifying your team member’s strengths and weaknesses will allow you to utilize them better, as well as help them work on problem areas.

4.    Instills company culture

The best way to bring in employees, especially new ones, into the company’s culture and make them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves is to get them involved in the company and work in a structured team.

While the company culture includes a lot more factors, team building activities can help bridge the initial gap between companies and employees.

Corporate team building activities come in a lot of ways. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to follow conventional sense. You don’t always need to schedule an out-of-town retreat with your team. It can be something as simple as watching a sporting event in your area as a team. Or, better yet, an event during office hours where the entire team stops working and focuses their attention on something else.

If necessary, you can even bring in a consultant to help analyze your team and make recommendations on what they believe is the best kind of activities to engage your entire team and bring them closer with each other.

It is true that some team building activities are indeed mundane, you can’t probably even begin to count just how many charades games you’ve taken part in. But, if you put in much thought and consideration, the right team building activities can help make your office grow, both as a team and as individuals.

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