4 Things That Companies Can Do To Care For Their Clients

Customer loyalty isn’t just something you buy because you have the best products or the better prices – it’s what you get for making an effort to show your customers that you care.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. After all, if it were that easy, all companies would be successful and wouldn’t be worrying about their low retention rates.

With that said, below are a couple of tips that companies can use to take better care of some of their biggest clients.

1. Always be reaching out

Everybody knows about the “Always Be Closing” acronym, but a better way to ensure that your customers are actually attracted and stay loyal to your business is to constantly reach out to them and make them feel acknowledged.

When a customer comes in, greet them immediately and offer to help. Even if they don’t answer, the gesture is much appreciated. Don’t wait for a customer to have their eyebrows crossed looking for something in your store, or looking for someone – always be the first to reach out to them so that they feel that your business values them.

If online, always offer a chat session and reply promptly. Meanwhile, on the phone, always offer a helping hand.

2. Keep notes of regular customers

Front-line employees, especially, should be taking regular notes of regular customers if the customer database doesn’t do it for them.

The thing is, most customers would love to have a more personal relationship with the companies that they patronize. Addressing them by name, or following up on their previous purchase and asking them how it went, and bringing up past conversations or knowing what not to bring up, can do wonders in making customers feel better about themselves and their relationship with your company as a whole.

A regular customer isn’t just a steady stream of income, they’re also a constant avenue for free marketing via referrals and word of mouth.

3. Give Gifts

This goes in line with the previous tip about taking notes of regular customers.

Giving gifts to your biggest clients is one of the best ways to keep you on top of their heads all of the time. Not to mention, if your gift is good, then your client will be telling everyone they know about it.

Mind you, a good gift isn’t always expensive. You can probably find a local corporate gifts wholesale store in your area that sells customized or personalized gift items that you can give away to your loyal customers for a low price.

You’d be surprised as to how a small investment like a cheap USB fan can go a long way to retain customers.

4. Go the extra mile

When it comes to retaining customers, it’s the little things that count.

Something as simple as taking the time to ask them how their day was, or walking them to the door, or a giving a follow-up call about a previously unavailable item, shows that you’re interested in what they can bring to your business.

Remember, if you take good care of your clients and customers, then they’ll take good care of your business and your brand as well.

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