4 Tips To Prevent Your Balloons From Popping Unexpectedly

Inflated balloons are meant to deflate within a period of time. The average time of a balloon to deflate is after twelve hours. This highly depend on the type of balloon that you will use for your party. One should always provide best conditions that will ensure your balloon survives for a longer time. The following are a few tips to ensure your balloon doesn’t pop before your party ends.

Balloon Type

The type of balloon is really important if you don’t want it to pop as soon as it is filled with gas. Latex balloon will start popping immediately air is filled in them. This is because they are bio-degradable. Foil balloons will last longer with air in them. The foil balloons however are harmful to the environment once they are disposed of.

Size of Balloon

The bigger the better. Larger balloons deflate at a slower rate compared to the smaller balloons. Always go for the bigger balloons.

Gas Used

Helium is the best gas used to fill up helium balloons. The gas makes the balloon have an overall effect that is just so beautiful and full. However, helium gas also doesn’t last that long.It will eventually deflate. However air filled balloons are also an option as they last longer compared to helium.

Balloon Treatment

The latex balloon is made to last longer by applying treatment to it so that it can match up with the foil balloon. The treatment is called Hi-Float which is a liquid solution applied to the inside to seal off the pores in the latex. The treatment cannot be applied to the foil balloon because it will interfere with their floating capability.

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