5 Attractive Ideas For Crafting Your Own Beautiful Bouquet

The wedding bouquet is probably the most important wedding flower decoration on your big day. As a bride, you will be standing out with your gorgeous dress, makeup, and hair. To tie it all together you should have a bespoke wedding bouquet in your hands while walking down the aisle.

Your wedding bouquet shouldn’t clash with the rest of your wedding décor, instead, it should be the centerpiece of the color palette and textures. It doesn’t have to fade in with everything else but rather should stand out as a unique décor piece by itself. You should put your own creative spin on your bouquet by implementing some of the following ideas into it.

  • Add non-florals

To create a romantic softness to your wedding flower bouquet, you can add elements that are non-floral in nature to your fresh flower arrangement. Soft white feathers from ostriches or peacocks layered along the bottom of your bouquet will create a chic effect. Incorporating other non-floral elements like paper origami creatures and forms will add a playful twist on a classic bouquet. Paper can come in different colors and patterns and will compliment your floral arrangement.

Flowers and rosettes that are made from fabric can also add texture to your bouquet. Not only do they appear beautiful in photos but they are everlasting. Copper wire that’s twisted around pearls and crystals will give your bouquet a metallic modern feel. The options are endless – consult with your florist to find out what non-floral elements work best for your wedding bouquet.

  • Dried flowers

Dried flowers are a gorgeous, low-maintenance, stress-free alternative to fresh flowers and are also much more affordable. Flowers like daisies, field grass, and lavender are gorgeous when they are fully dried out. Dried flowers give a vintage feel to a flower bouquet and complement an outdoor or woodsy wedding venue. A bouquet of dried flowers such as small daisies, lavender and grasses provide an earthy arrangement with an elegant look.

  • Green leaves

Add extra greeneries to a colorful bouquet of flowers by filling in gaps with greeneries like evergreen ferns, fiddlehead ferns, bells of Ireland, dusty Miller, Italian Ruscus, and Holly. Greeneries will give your bouquet added texture and depth. Adding equal amounts of greenery to flowers is a wonderful way to save on floral prices, and ferns give a stunning, natural shape to a bouquet. You can offer a stand-out element to your bouquet like a large air plant to simultaneously make it appear sleek and whimsical.

  • Go rustic

For an outdoor or rustic wedding, you can add dried branches, seedpods, or dried vines to the flower arrangement. Adding rustic elements to a bouquet, when your theme for the wedding is also rustic, will tie you beautifully in with the rest of the wedding’s design. To contribute to the rustic look, cover your bouquet with a small colorful handkerchief. In fact, this gives a personal touch to your wedding because not many people opt for a handkerchief wrap.

  • Ribbons and wrapping

There are a huge variety of things you can achieve with wrapping and ribbons. Your flower bouquet will be neatly tied together and held in place with the perfect choice of ribbon. Ribbons can tie around the stems of the flower as tightly or as loosely as you’d like. A thick satin ribbon combined with pearls and diamonds will create a bespoke romantic finish. Whereas multi-colored long ribbons tied in bows around your bouquet will create more fun and creative look.

Consult your florist to consider the many options for your charming bouquet and of course, your wedding corsages! You can design your bouquet as unique as you want or as classic and traditional as you’d like. The sky is the only limit.

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