5 Essential Things That Will Help To Elevate Your Video

If you’re on the World Wide Web (better known as the Internet) – you probably already know the power of video production.

Your favourite series or drama, newly released music video on Youtube, the advertisements popping up all over your devices; all these are the modern forms of video creation these days! And it’s safe to say they have taken the world by storm and successfully captured the attention of many.

Sure, video production has definitely taken it up a notch in recent years – with different video types and technology emerging rapidly. However, some things still stay the same regardless of the era – and its the same for video production!

Now, let us share with you the important elements of video production that can transform your videos completely.


Your location choice can make or break the entire scene of the film. Especially when aesthetics come into play – location is of the essence.

Remember when we mentioned how The Revenant did a splendid job of capturing a scenic view? That’s exactly what we mean! You’ve got to absolutely select the right location – but also capture the perfect moment as well.

However, capitalising on opportunities and securing spectacular filming spots are not the only things to keep an eye on. You can’t go over your budget, of course!

That’s when some choose local places instead of going abroad. And if you manage to play it smart enough – one single location for the entire shoot may even suffice. Let’s give a round of applause for the film, Locke! From start to end, the entire film was shot within a vehicle and only showcased a one-man show – Tom Hardy.

It may seem near impossible, but they certainly did pull it off – a 7.1 rating on IMDB and a profit of $3 million earned? We’ll call it a success!


You know it, we know it – and everyone knows it. Anyone who watches a film on the big screen is paying to see the cast – it’s one of the winning factors that’ll get them rushing to the movie theatres.

Same goes for advertisements or any other business-related video in the making. Celebrity endorsements, in particular, when it comes to promoting products or services, are seeing a boost in sales. Back in 2003, Nicole Kidman was the reason why Chanel’s sales skyrocketed – seeing an increase of 30% in global sales after she agreed to promote their perfume.

However, casting doesn’t just lie in reputation and popularity – a new character can do the film, video or advertisement justice with their own talent. After all, every character adds a little charm to the video content! That’s when different elements such as mannerisms, appearance, age group, and suitability come in – your preferred production house must definitely capture all of these.


Words are a powerful means of communication, and they hold even more importance in a film if you want to capture the audience’s attention. While the main purpose of a detailed and easy-to-follow script is to tell a story in the simplest way possible – a character’s line can leave a longlasting impression on the audience!

Think back to one of the childhood films that left everyone with a tease – it left people wondering if there was going to be a sequel! And 14 years later after it’s first movie release – they finally finished what they started. Behold – Incredibles!

The hilarious line by Honey – spouse of Lucius Best (or his superhero name, Frozone), got many cracking up for sure: “Greater good?’ I am your wife! I’m the greatest good you’re ever gonna get!”

With all due respect, we know how hard you’re working out there for the city, Frozone!

The script of the film will have a deep impact on the overall quality and the perceived impression on the audience. Pop in a few amusing, relatable or romantic lines and your film will definitely be one to remember!


You may least expect it, but it’s true – props doget noticed by the viewers!

The mockingjay pin in Hunger Games, the lightsaber from Star Wars, and even Billy the Puppet from Saw counts. Even if these may not ring a bell, we’re sure there are plenty of props that have caught your eye before!

Props are equally significant in advertisements – just ask a videography company – they need to make use of props for the commercial to be more appealing.

If you spend time and effort in selecting the most relevant and eye-catching props for your clip – the results will be visible in the form of better-quality videos that are far more successful.


What else goes well together besides peanut butter and jelly? Think two big M’s that have been making it big since the very start.

No, not the delicious pack of chocolates known as M&M’s – they’re Movies and Music!

Just take some time to think it through – were you ever one of those movie-goers that got hooked on boththe film and music? Did some movies earn some extra points just because of the music accompanying the scenes? We’re pretty sure you went home and Googled the soundtrack right away!

Let’s rewind all the way back to a romance classic – 10 Things I Hate About You. When Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) started singing ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ through the school’s sound system to publicly apologise to Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) – we know she got her heart swooned and her anger long dissipated.

And so did the audience.

Or how about the time in Avengers: Endgame when Starlord (Chris Patt) was goofing off and dancing on his own to one of his favourite songs by his late mother – ‘Come And Get Your Love’? That scene definitely made the audience burst into laughter.
Even in commercials – it’s the same! Catchy tunes get the viewers grooving while melancholy melodies make them emotional. It’s just how the beauty of music works.

Filming a masterpiece is never as easy as it seems. Regardless of what you’re going for – movie, commercial or corporate video – these five elements are your takeaways to creating a work of wonder! So, you better have a trusted video agency in with you on your next piece if you want to get this show on the road.

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