5 Reasons Why Your Next Birthday Party Should Be On A Yacht

Your birthday happens only once a year, and celebrating it should take priority, always. So, it’s time to start planning if you haven’t!

On the other hand, if you are still debating on having your party in any of the local spots in your city, then it’s time to take it to the water! Not only will you give yourself and your guests the experience of a lifetime, but it will also open up countless possibilities for your birthday party.

So, if you are considering this amazing venue for your next birthday, then here are five more compelling reasons why you should book it now.

Variety of options

There are loads of private yacht rental options that will fit your budget, guest list, and style. Choose from our luxurious Victoria charter and enjoy a mini party with your guests onboard! Or if you want your party to last a little bit longer on your special day, then you can grab your close friends and family and take off on a day charter.

The private yacht cost starts from $999, and you can even take a closer look at our Phase 2 promotions for greater deals! If you have any enquiries, just pop them over to us and we’ll get back to you at the soonest.

Delicious food

When you book through an experienced boat charter company in Singapore, they will offer you the option of catering. . You would not have to plan any meals beforehand or stress about whether there will be enough food for everyone.

You will have an option of having all catering done onboard for you and your guests. You can even request for your favourite dishes, and our we’ll whip up your meals.

First-class facilities

Luxury yachts have excellent facilities. This includes beautiful, well-furnished rooms, bathrooms, entertainment areas and even bars. Even if you don’t want the yacht to cruise around, you can still get all the benefits from the on-deck facilities while the yacht is anchored.

When anchored, the guests’ cars will be parked nearby, and it will be convenient for them to come and go as they please.

A themed party

Yes, sure you can have themed parties on land as well. The difference is that many luxury private yacht companies provide customised experiences. This allows you to choose everything from the theme to the food, music and even the entertainment. In fact, you are encouraged to incorporate a few fun activities to keep your guests engaged.

We offers options where you can incorporate themes not only on the yacht itself but also to the destinations you’ll be cruising too. Why not have a Hawaiian experience onboard as well as off-board?

Special attention

Chartering a yacht comes with a few extra perks that you won’t find at other venues. A qualified crew will be present to tend to your every need to make your yacht experience unforgettable.

The crew will be on call for the whole duration of the event. And this will give you the peace of mind to relax and leave the hosting in someone else’s hands.

There you have it, our five reasons why you should definitely consider booking a luxury yacht for your birthday party. Without a doubt, it will be a remarkable experience for everyone.

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