5 Things To Spot When Choosing An English Learning Center

Whether it’s to pass the IELTS Singapore test or exam, or you just want to improve your English language skills, it’s imperative to choose the right English learning centre.

Unfortunately, doing so is much easier said than done.

Below, we discuss some of the points to consider before you choose a language school to enrol yourself into.

1. Accreditation

Because of the fact that proficiency in English has become a necessity in today’s economy, there are now plenty of language schools operating in Singapore.

Keep in mind, however, that not every learning centre or school follows strict standards. Some are just trying to earn a couple of extra bucks and don’t care two hoots about following the rules. Hence, it’s important that you know how to tell the good ones from the bad ones, starting with their accreditation.

Make sure that you check in with your local government to find out which schools are accredited. If the school shows accreditation, make sure to double-check if their certification or accreditation is actually legitimate.

2. Class Size

The smaller the class size, the better.

At most, you’ll want your class to have no more than 15 students at a time. Any more, and each learner will not be able to receive the same quality and level of attention as they would in a class of a smaller size.

3. Look For A School With A Holistic Program

You can never be considered as someone who is good with the English language if you only excel in one particular area.

Remember, it takes more than being able to hold a proper conversation to pass the IELTS exam – you’ll need to be good in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, which are all skills that will be taught to you by an English language school with a holistic program.

4. Multiple Levels Of Progression

The whole point of enrolling in an English learning centre is so you can improve and be better. And you should be able to do that in any accomplished school that offers an English course in Singapore.

If, for example, you find yourself enrolling in a program that only teaches or offers a single level of English, then you’re not going to improve. You’ll learn the basics and a thing or two, but nothing that would significantly improve your level of English.

However, in schools that offer multiple levels of English that require a minimum number of hours of intensive English instruction to advance, you’ll be placed in a class based on your level of English and there’s an incentive to try hard because there are levels of progression.

5. Teacher’s Qualification

A bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification are both bare minimums that you should be looking for in your teachers. But, the more certifications and accreditations they have, the better.

Checking the teacher’s qualification is especially important if you plan on enrolling during the summer since some language schools or learning centers may just opt to hire temporary teachers who usually have significantly less experience (and qualifications) compared to schools who staff full-time faculty members.

Passing the IELTS Singapore test and exam depends on you and the kind of instruction that you receive.

Put yourself in the best position to pass and further your career prospects by making sure that you choose an English learning centre that will actually challenge you to improve your English language skills. When you do that, you can be sure to fully master the English language without difficulty.

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