5 Tidbits That’ll Get You Intimate With The Female Body Hair

Add up the hours you’ve spent removing your body hair, and you’d realise you’ve invested quite a lot of time just making sure your skin is silky, smooth. Amidst the nicks, ingrown hairs and bumpy skin, dealing with your body hair can seem like a battle.

As the adage goes, “beauty is pain,” – except, it doesn’t have to be! Allow yourself a bit of a reprieve by getting up close and personal with your body hair.

1. Ingrown hair is more prominent in certain areas compared to others

It’s no surprise that those of us who groom their bikini line will know that the area is a hotspot for ingrown hairs.

This is largely due to its structure as the pubic hairs and underarm hairs are curlier than the hairs on the other parts of your body. Thus, they will naturally curl and curve back under the skin instead of growing straight out of their follicles.

On top of that, the mon pubis has to endure constant friction and pressure caused by our clothes. Due to this same friction and weight, the hair strands may be forced back into the follicle instead of growing out as they should.

As opposed to traditional body hair removal methods that can’t reach deep into the skin to uproot the hair strands from their follicles, many tend to opt for a bikini laser hair removal.

The process involves laser energy that is absorbed into the hair follicle, effectively destroying the body’s ability to produce hair at the targeted areas.

Not only will the hair follicle cease to grow for the next few months, but you can also alleviate skin discolouration caused by these pesky bumps. With laser hair removal, ingrown hair and painful bumps are easily a thing of the past.

2. Shaving and waxing in the wrong direction

In your body hair removal journey, you’ll know that shaving or waxing against the grain is a big no-no.

One is advised to shave or apply the hot wax in the same direction the hair naturally grows – for most people, this means in the upward direction.

Many opt for the opposite because it appears to give a smoother result, but the risk of producing ingrown hairs is significantly higher.

If you’re not keen to let go of your preferred style of body hair removal, put on some post-shave balms that not only soothe and repair irritated skin, but also gently exfoliates to help prevent any ingrown hair.

Consider getting chemical exfoliators that contain salicylic and glycolic acids as they exfoliate the skin without causing any physical damage.

3. Shaving doesn’t change your hair structure

Contrary to popular belief, the thickness, appearance and growth rate of body hair are not affected whenever you shave.

Shaving merely cuts the thicker, mature hairs that are located in the middle of each hair shaft. When the same hair grows, it grows with a blunt tip from being cut off.

Thus, it may appear thicker and darker, but in actual fact, there has been little to no change to the hair structure.

4. There are two types of body hair

Interestingly, our body produces two very different types of body hair and it’s due to one thing and one thing only: apocrine glands. These sweat glands are present in your underarms and mon pubis, and each gland produces a significant number of hair follicles.

This number is comparatively higher than the ones in the eccrine sweat glands where hair follicles are much more dispersed.

Unless you opt for an ipl permanent hair removal, the hairs on your underarms and mon pubis will never be as fine as the rest of your body.

Understanding your body hair is the first step to finding the right and preferred approach to body hair removal.

With the myriad of options to choose from, you’ll need to not only figure out which of the hair removal procedures suits you best, but also how to properly utilise them so to achieve the desired results.

We look forward to assisting you in achieving the supple, smooth skin you’ve always dreamt of having.

Now that Phase 2 of circuit breaker measures have been implemented, don’t hesitate to head down to any of our outlets to enjoy the benefits of a painless hair removal treatment!

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