5 Ways To Make Use Of Your Instant Photo Booth Picture

When you attend a wedding or a corporate event, you may encounter an instant photo booth in Singapore. For the uninitiated, these are photo booths that allow you to take a picture. You’ll then receive a printout of your photo, printed beautifully on high-quality, glossy photo paper. With the best photo booth in Singapore, event organisers also have the option of customising the photo printout with a logo or design to remind you of the event. The printing process usually takes less than a minute, so you’ll be able to take your pretty photo home almost immediately. But, what would you do with that photo after you bring it home? Here are 5 possible places where your beautiful picture could belong.

On your office desk

If the event was the wedding of your best friend, or any other event that meant a lot to you, the photo could be an important reminder of the friendship that you shared. In this case, placing the photo on your office desk would allow you to see it every day, perhaps bringing nostalgia whenever you look at it. You can also stick it to your office cubicle’s walls. It can also make for great conversation topics when your colleagues walk past. The best photo booth in Singapore will also offer several options to allow you to display the printed photos easily and elegantly. For instance, you could opt for photo magnet printouts, which you can easily attach to the walls of your office cubicle! Alternatively, you could opt for photo frame standees for a fuss free display solution.

In a scrapbook

If you already have a place to store all the important and meaningful memories, like a scrapbook, then it would be a great idea to place the photograph into a scrapbook. If you have the time, you can even add drawings or notes from the event into your scrapbook – so you’ll remember exactly what happened that day.

Inside your backpack or purse

This is where most of the printed photographs go to. It makes sense. You would be able to carry it with you wherever you go. Take it out if you need a little reminder of the past, wherever you are. It’d certainly be a great way to reminisce. You can also whip it out anytime you talk about the event with your friends. Now that photo will bring a new meaning to “a night to remember”.

On the walls of your room

Another prominent place for your beautiful photo is the wall of your room. Many young people peg these important photos onto a clothesline hung across furniture or from a corner of their room. Alternatively, you could simply paste them onto the wall with some blu tack or tape. Arrange them in chronological order, or in the order of importance in your life. The walls of your room could become a gallery of your memories.

Gift it to someone else!

You could even give the photograph to someone else! That could be a close friend who could not attend the event. It could also be a family member who would really appreciate a good picture of you, like your grandmother. The photo you give is symbolic of your care and concern for them.


There are many ways to make full use of the printouts from the instant photo booth. Don’t be paiseh about asking for a copy for yourself. Enjoy your photo booth experience!

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