6 Reasons To Educate Your Children In International Schools

Singapore is a beautiful island city and one of the biggest market hubs in the world. Thanks to the quick and intense development over the last few decades, Singapore is now a major world city where a huge number of people move to everyday.

As more people started moving to Singapore, there came an increased demand of admissions in international schools. However, there were not many international schools available then and so, to avoid this education skirmish, many new and modern International schools were established in Singapore.

In this article, you will find convincing reasons to educate your children in top international schools in Singapore. Given below are the top reasons to study in Singapore.

Impressive Education System

Singapore is also known as one of the best educational destinations in the world. Education is given a very high priority here and students are taught in a broad minded environment.

There are more than 30 international schools to choose from and all of them either follow a foreign portable curriculum or the popular International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, which is known to be very effective in educating the children in a right way.

Cheaper than UK, USA and Australia

Studying in international schools abroad can obviously be very costly. However, when compared to major study destinations like UK, USA and Australia, Singapore proves to be relatively cheaper.

There are a few international schools which charge a considerable amount of tuition fee, but the tuition fee in top international schools in Singapore can be almost five times that of the tuition fee charged in local schools there. Therefore, it is better for the expat parents to be prepared for anything.

Home to many foreign universities

Globalization of Singapore has developed the city intensely and also attracted many established foreign universities to open their branches here. This in turn increased the reputation of the city as one of the best educational destinations in the world.

No Language Barrier

Singapore is preferred by most of the expat parents because there is no language barrier here, as English is spoken widely. Even the international schools here have an organized teaching system in English that is comfortable for a variety of foreign students studying here. This in turn helps children settle down in their schools and bond with their fellow classmates.

Clean, Green and Safe

Well, some parts of the world are dangerous, and not only because there is a terrorist influence or civil war or anything, but also because of global warming, rising sea waves and other natural calamities.

Fortunately, Singapore is currently one of the safest places in the world. It is clean, it is green and it is a wonderful place to live and let your children grow and learn peacefully. This makes Singapore, one of the most favoured places for educating children in International schools.

A Leading Global Business Hub

Singapore is one of the leading global business hubs in the world and hence, it is obvious that studying in a place such as this, there will be a lot of job and placement opportunities. Therefore, it is a wise choice for all the expat parents to get their children admitted in one of the top international schools in Singapore.

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