6 Useful Tips To Inspire Your Nautical Theme Wedding

Nautical themes are making a huge comeback in many events. You can have a nautical-influenced theme for your wedding by following our professional wedding planner tips.

Many brides and grooms are planning their special wedding days on private yacht charters. For couples who are in love with the sea, a nautical theme is a perfect way to celebrate while tying the knot.

Whether you are hosting your wedding on a boat or land, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate everything nautical into your special day. Here are some of our tips on incorporating the ocean theme into your big day:

A Fisherman’s knot

Infuse the sweet sentiment of literally tying the knot after you’ve said your ‘I dos’. A fisherman’s knot is known as one of the most secure knots in the world. You can either knot two pieces of string and ribbon together or opt for a strong sailing boat rope.

The knot can be used as décor spruce up the yacht and match the nautical theme.

Table settings

Using bright blue napkins on the tables adds an extra ocean flare. You can even custom design blue napkins with white borders or vice versa for an added nautical feel.

Incorporating the colours blue, white, and gold into the rest of the table setting will further emphasise the chosen theme.

No shoes

It’s best not to use stilettos or hard sole shoes on the deck as they may damage the vessel. However, it all depends on the yacht you’ll be sailing on too – so, check with the private yacht rental company beforehand to know the exact details of your chosen boat!

On the other hand, you can also choose to keep it casual and informal by going completely barefoot or opting for nautical boat shoes in navy, white, khaki, or red.

Bottled message

This is an age-old tradition, where people write a romantic note or love letter. So, if you want to head back to ancient times, you can add this to your yacht.

Just roll up the note or letter, place it in a glass bottle and then release it into the ocean. You can continue this sweet ritual by writing your vows and promises on the note.

At the same time, can even let your guests write blessings and wishes for the future on notes and add it into the bottle!

However, to be eco-friendly, we suggest not releasing the bottle into the ocean, but rather close it, take it home and open it again on your tenth wedding anniversary.  In a way, it also lets you reminisce the special moment as you read the letter once more.

A Sailboat

Nothing says ‘nautical’ more than a fully decked out sailboat. Hobbyists have heaps of fun building correctly scaled sailboats as decorations.

Complete with embroidered sales, wooden deck, and steering wheel, these model boats make great table centrepieces.

Sailor cake toppings

Instead of opting for the traditional bride and groom cake toppings, why not pick a female and male sailor complete with a navy outfit and sailor’s hat?

If you feel more connected to the fantastical pirates, you can be eccentric and pick two pirates for your cake topping.

Show your love for the ocean and the nautical lifestyle by incorporating these classy, yet fun ideas into your wedding.

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