A Guide To Applying TCM To Aid Weight Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine, better known as TCM, is one of the most famous slimming treatments for weight loss and is also especially useful for burning fats. TCM balances the body and improves the dysfunctional organ of the body. Treatment in this includes stylostixis, cupping, herbal medicine, and the lifestyle recommendation.

Now, before you decide to go for a TCM treatment, here are a few tips that you need to know first.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

To make sure your body is in its best condition, you will need to put together a proper diet. You may think that your diet has little impact on your body, but in reality, when you don’t control your diet and overeat you are causing the digestive organ in the human body to stop functioning correctly. When this happens, the consumed food is not digested properly and as a result, the metabolism system is also being disrupted.

Consume more fruits

Now, don’t just eat any type of fruit. You will have to specifically take in this group of fruits, namely oranges, berries, Rangoon creeper fruits, radish seeds and tangerine peels. These fruits help the body to properly secrete the digestive fluid which will break all the fatty substance in the body and hence, cause the weight to automatically fall while the extra food will be burned.

Increase bowel movement to get rid of metabolic waste

TCM helps to properly eliminate the metabolic waste out of the body and prevent the body from the weight problem. Some of the best foods to consume to ease constipation include peach seeds, black sesame, biota seeds, radish seeds and rhubarb.

Reduce fluid retention

Extra fluid retention is also one of the causes of weight gain. One of the primary methods for reducing the fluid from the body is to take herbs like plantain seeds, rice beans, senna leaf’s that induce the urination. Warming up the body with exercise and food can also help the body to reduce the water from the body.


It is one of the treatments used in TCM in which the tip of the needle is inserted at the point in the skin that promotes the digestion, causes a significant improvement in the metabolic rate and helps in controlling the appetite.

Ear acupressure

Another treatment just like the one mentioned above, this treatment is used by the TCM to reduce the weight and to burn the fats. In this treatment, the ear seed is injected by the TCM physicians that will be directly linked with all the major digestive part of the body and help to reduce the obesity.

Exercise frequently

Exercise is vital in TCM as it will help the blood to flow smoothly and continuously within the body and avoid the gain of weight and laziness from the body.

Avoid unhealthy food

It is best to avoid consuming the extra intake of sweets, chilled drinks, chilled food and raw material in the body, or at least keep it to a minimum as these are the primary cause of weight gain and by doing so, you will be able to control your fats intake and weight.

Doing most of these on your own is pretty easy, but when it comes to the actual treatment itself like ear acupressure, acupuncture and stylostixis, then you will need to visit a prominent slimming centre with professionals who are competent and experienced enough to handle the treatment.

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