A Guide To Choosing The Ideal Chinese Course For Yourself

Thinking of using this circuit breaker period to improve yourself? Why not pick up a new language like Mandarin Chinese?

With plenty of online mandarin classes in Singapore, it has never been so easy to get access to learning materials and guidance to gain fluency in a new language. However, you might instead meet with a different kind of problem: Which course provider or course type should you choose?

Well, there is no one right answer. It all depends on your goals and preferences! If you’re having some trouble deciding, here are some things you should think about:


Goals are important because they keep us focused and motivated. Thus, it is always a good habit to set goals for any new pursuit you embark on. When it comes to learning Chinese, are you learning it for leisure, or do you want to be able to conduct business with it? Are you planning to get certified, and when do you hope to take the exam?

Different course types will help you work towards different goals, so setting your goal is your first priority. If you take up one-on-one lessons, your tutor can also tailor the lessons to help you achieve your specific targets.


Bearing in mind that learning any new skill takes time and a lot of practice, you have to be prepared that learning Chinese will require you to make time for it! Consider your goals and the amount of time you can afford to spend on it each week. Say, if you want to learn at a faster pace, you will need to spend more time studying the language each week.

Many course providers offer different intensity of courses as well – they range from classes on a daily basis, to lessons conducted once a week.


There are many good schools out there, but not every one may be suited to your learning style. Often, it is hard to gauge the teaching approach of the school. One way you can find out about this is through scouring the reviews and student testimonials. Many schools also offer trial classes or short-term courses that you can attend to assess if the school is a good fit for you.

You should also consider things like whether you prefer group classes or individual lessons. While individual classes give you more attention and tailored curricula, group classes allow you to network with other like-minded learners.


Let’s be realistic – not everyone can afford expensive classes, especially if they plan to take it on the long-term. While some of the most reputable schools may have exorbitant fees, there are also plenty of well-known and results-driven schools with reasonable course fees! If cost is an important consideration to you, narrow down your choices according to your budget.

While your choice of Chinese classes is an important factor in how quickly and effective your language learning journey will be, your effort makes up the other half of the story! We hope these tips help you find the ideal Chinese course for you, and will put you on the road to success in your Chinese learning endeavour!

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