A Study Guide To Mastering Basic A level Physics Concepts

Many young people are awed by technology and fascinated by modern inventions. However, when it comes to pursuing this curiosity, many are stopped in their tracks by the fear of physics.

You may love technology or engineering but the fear of physics, and its perceived difficulty, keep you from pursuing your passion. Worse still, you may pursue your passion but learn physics from a position of fear.

Learning from a position of fear never works. Yes, you may cram and pass a few assessments but no real learning takes place and eventually you’ll find yourself struggling.

If you’ve had a fear for physics, below are some ways that’ll help you transform that dear into love.

Acknowledge the Fear

Like all fears, acknowledgement is the first step of confrontation.

Face it, you can’t confront it if you won’t acknowledge that it exists in the first place! So, self-recognition of the existence of the fear is the first and most crucial step you’ll take.

If you are in doubt about whether you have a fear of physics or it’s an irrational reaction to physics, consider having a chat with an experienced JC physics tutor. Their experience will pick out this fear in an instance.

After you’ve recognised the fear, then play it out with your teachers and try to pick out memories of the various physics milestones you’ve already crossed.

It wears out the fear and helps you develop confidence in your ability.

Read Physics Books

If you are passionate about physics but something is tagging you down, reading JC physics books can boost your knowledge and improve your performance.

Ask your JC physics tutor for recommended texts that have clear explanations of concepts, worked out sample problems, challenging self-test assignments and notes on examiner’s perspectives on how to answer questions.

Bring in Math Games

Most of the fear of physics is often rooted in the fear of math. Therefore rooting out the fear of math could help you transform and love physics. How do you do it?

Have fun with math. Bring in math puzzles from the Internet and all that mathematicians do. Don’t worry about the level of difficulty, even the most basic math inducing games such as Monopoly force you to think logically and solve problems logically. Thereby stirring up a new love for math wears down the fear of math, as well as the fear of physics.

Physics games can help you internalise core concepts as well as having fun while at it.

Change the Approach

Could it be that your fear of physics is teacher-borne?

Whilst that is hard to figure out since you have to go through several psychological analysis to establish the epicenter of the fear, however, resolving it is not so complex.

Simply enroll in JC physics tuition in Singapore with a competent and understanding tutor. Physics may have been taught in a way that made no sense to you earlier, but it’s worth the shot to change the approach and learn physics in a more productive way.

Lastly, Practice

Practice, practice, practice. You’ll not have enough practice as long as you desire to pursue physics in college or university. And the best time to practice is during you’re A-level physics tuition.

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