Adding Romantic Elements Into Your Instant Photo Booth

In Singapore, wedding photo booths have become the new norm. It is, after all, one of the best ways to engage guests and keep them happy during the wedding. Photos taken at the photo booth can also be compiled together into a digital or physical album for the happy couple to bring home. Besides the value for money that an instant photo booth brings, it also plays a part in contributing to the beautiful memories made during the wedding. Photo booths can take a wedding to the next level. Here are a few ways a wedding photo booth can make your wedding an even more romantic one.

Share your romantic journey in the photo printout

Before each guest walks away from the photo booth, they will receive an instant photo printout. These printouts can be customised to include the bride and groom’s personal pictures, such as those taken during the pre-wedding photoshoot or during the initial proposal. You can even include pictures from the earlier days of dating. This feature allows the couple to share their romantic experience with guests through a simple graphic. It also makes guests feel like they are a part of it. After all, the printed photo will also include the guests’ pictures. Customised printout designs are no problem for the finest photo booth in Singapore. In fact, the customisation is what makes the photo booth experience unique for each happy couple!

Choose a romantic backdrop

The backdrop of the photo booth is also very customisable. For a more romantic affair, you may opt to select a backdrop that reminiscent of the wedding’s mood. Imagine a luscious red or a classy print. For an even grander experience, the couple may use a custom backdrop that is different from what is provided. Through green screen technology, the backdrop can be superimposed onto each picture taken by guests. This is a great way to immerse guests in the couple’s life. For instance, having a backdrop of a significant place in the couple’s love story – whether that be the proposal or an overseas trip together – can make an incredibly meaningful photo shoot.

Bring happiness onto the digital hemisphere

There may be some guests who are unable to attend the wedding. Photo booths can help bring the wedding experience to the digital realm, but instantly uploading the pictures taken onto Facebook. The celebration can then continue online. Friends and family members from all over the world will be able to view these pictures from their own mobile device or computer at home. The best part is: these pictures will be uploaded as soon as guests receive their prints, making the digital experience almost real-time. This feature, combined with the previous two customisation ideas, make for a significant way to share the celebration with all the important people in the couple’s lives.


Photo booths have become a quintessential value-add to the modern wedding experience in Singapore. Instant photo booths are certainly a value-for-money option when considering entertainment and photography options. Best of all, it brings the best part of the romance at a wedding and takes it one step further.

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