Advanced Level Physics: What to Know Before Studying

Choosing to study advanced level Physics is a daunting task for many students in Singapore. It is no longer just simply studying Physics or attending Physics tuition for sec 3. It is a choice that will commit you to a specific career direction. Therefore, you should ensure that the decision is best for you.

Here are a few things you should consider before studying advanced level physics.

Personal skills and preferences

Once you have moved to an advanced level of study, your chances of changing to another course is close to zero. As such, you should only take the Physics course if you genuinely enjoy the subject. While many students may gravitate towards their favourite topics when it comes to an advanced level of study, some take a course not for themselves but their parents. If you find physics interesting, you are more likely to dedicate additional time to the subject.

Play to your strengths

If you are good in problem-solving and applied skills, you are more likely to succeed in advanced level Physics If you are not sure of which subject to take in your advanced level of learning, it is always best to talk to your teacher or tutor beforehand. Physics, for instance, is a technical subject for many students, in which Physics tuition can help greatly. Seek the advice of a tutor on what to expect in advanced level studies.

Complimentary subjects

Look at subjects that go together with Physicss. For example, how good are you in mathematics? Physics and mathematics share a lot of formulas. If you have the ambition to study advanced Physics, you must also be good at mathematics. Look for a way to improve your mathematics grades by spending more time learning or hiring a tutor instead.

University entry requirements

To be accepted for advanced level physics, various universities in Singapore require you to hit a particular grade. All universities have their cut off points for advanced Physics on their websites. Before making your defined choice, go through these pages to see if you qualify for them.

When it comes to advanced Physics, most universities in Singapore look to consider Physics and mathematics. Unlike other courses, advanced Physics does not allow for flexibility. Take your time before you decide to pursue advanced physics or any other subject for that matter.

Transferrable skills

These skills are not only related to advanced Physics, but they can furnish you well. Also, specific skills are required for every degree course in Singapore. Before applying for an advanced level Physics course, do your research to know which combination of subjects are required to study advanced level physics.


Despite the public perception out there, there are many career paths for Physics graduates. Some of the most common advanced Physics career paths include mechanical engineering, astrophysicist, and aerospace engineer, to mention just a few. There are industries in Singapore where physics could take you to the manufacturing industry, medical technology, software development, and even teaching. This makes advanced level physics an excellent and marketable course in Singapore.

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