Benefits To Reap As A Business Owner With Storage Units

First and foremost, using a self-storage will help better ensure a well-organised unit due to the extra storage space provided. As a result, this potentially increases the chances of improving performance among employees.

And with better performance, it will mean that orders from customers will be fulfilled more efficiently – leading to better brand reputation and customer satisfaction. On the plus side, a storage unit can even help in keeping extra inventory and supplies, free up storage space, and store important files and documents safely.

Read on to find out what else you can benefit from using a storage unit as a business owner.

Enjoy a multi-purpose space

With a storage unit, it is possible to both work and store in one location. This is due to the extra space given to allow for easier storage, creating a neat and tidy space for managing day-to-day activities without the presence of clutter. Such spaces make it possible to handle duties from curating products, liaising with customers, packaging, to delivery much more efficient and easier to do.

We’re able to offer the cheapest self-storages and work and storage spaces as eligible companies will be able to enjoy our Zero Deposit Guarantee programme – taking out the need for submitting a deposit, and instead, be able to keep the amount and use it for your own business instead. Meanwhile, selected spaces also offer all-inclusive rates with standard facilities provided like a powerpoint, lighting, and air conditioning. Also, we’re able to offer our spaces in numerous locations across the country, and namely, they are – Ang Mo Kio, Pasir Panjang, Aljunied, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Tampines, Kallang, Bukit Merah, and Bartley.  Particularly, to enjoy further savings – the spaces at our Ang Mo Kio location are currently offering up to 30% discount off! Additionally, the units are completely refurbished with new facilities as well. For more information, feel free to contact us. Terms and conditions apply.

Keep inventory and staff well-protected

If you are keeping any significant items, such as client documents or inventory – a storage unit will help to better ensure these items’ safety and security. Self storages are usually are well-equipped with tight security and convenient accessibility, so business owners are able to work and store without worrying about the safety of their inventory or employees.

To be specific, spaces are well-supervised and secured by 24/7 CCTV surveillance and accessibility – ensuring your storage unit is well-looked after, and you are able to access your space whenever you want to. Meanwhile, we also offer flexible service terms as one is able to switch out of their existing unit and select from our extensive range of products and services within our premises or even our parent organisation, LHN Group – where options include a serviced apartment, vending machine location, and so on.

Acquire more space

To begin with, a self storage itself is already designed to have more space compared to the usual spaces used for business purposes. As such, the extra room makes way for more inventory, furniture, or other essentials to be brought into the storage unit. A more clean, open, and decluttered space will also ensure both work and storage matters can be handled efficiently – resulting in an increase in productivity, improve the flow of communication among team members, and complete orders on time; even making it possible to stay ahead of schedule after finishing a task.

We’re able to offer different sizes across our spaces – our storage units range from 7 sqft to 630 sqft, while work and storage spaces start from 88 sqft onwards. We provide the cheapest self storages and work and storage spaces which helps in facilitating logistics procedures and raising efficiency in goods procurement to promote better customer service.

From getting extra storage space to excellent functionality – there are many benefits a business owner can enjoy when using a storage unit.

While it is true that a self storage unit can help make business operations more efficient, you should remember to include the implementation of health and safety measures as one of the primary concerns when setting up your business. It’s important to ensure safe distancing measures and the Safe Entry QR code, for instance, are put in place for the welfare of both your own and employees. By working together and acting in accordance with such implemented rules and regulations, it’s possible to slow down the spread of the virus.

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