Best Gift Ideas To Give A Personal Touch

For businesses, or when it comes to relationships in general, giving away gifts is one of the best ways to show appreciation. Whether it’s safety gifts for employees or corporate gifts for business partners and your most loyal customers, you’ll want to show your gratitude to everyone else because giving your thanks at times is not enough in exchange for their effort.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or anything. You can always show appreciation via various ways. Like, for example, taking the time to come up with a personalized and customized gift that truly shows your appreciation.

Below are unique and personalized gift ideas to help give you an idea on what kind of personalized gift to give away:

1.    A Low-Maintenance Plant

A little bit of greenery never hurt anybody. Single succulents or mini gardens, more specifically those of the low-maintenance type, will make the perfect plant gift. This is because they won’t die easily and are very easy to maintain.

As an added touch, you can have the rest of the box customized.

2.    Personalized Tumblers

Whether it’s for a hot cocoa or a cold iced tea, personalized tumblers can help make sure that your beverage of choice remains as you want it. It’s also good for the environment as it is reusable, which explains why they make the perfect gift for anyone. If you’re planning to get a bunch of tumblers for your employees, it’s always best to source for corporate gift suppliers in Singapore as they even offer lower prices when you purchase in a bulk.

Bonus points if they’re customized and double-wall insulated, so the beverage stays at the optimal temperature for hours on end.

3.    Gym Membership

You may not know it but, many people would like to go to the gym, and your colleague, business partner or customer could be one of them.

However, most of them are not visiting the gym for different reasons. Whether it’s because they aren’t willing to put money into it or are just too lazy. But, if you were to gift someone a membership, even if it’s only for a month, then they have every bit of a reason to go to the gym and improve their health.

For businesses, this is actually a very productive gift idea. Not only is it very personal and touching, but employees with healthy and active lifestyles tend to be more productive.

4.    A Gift Card

Most people don’t think much about gift cards. They think that it’s far from as personal as a gift can get, but the truth is, it’s actually the opposite.

Gift cards are very personal, especially if it’s for a shop that the recipient patronizes and frequents a lot.

5.    Flowers

Who says that you can only gift flowers on certain days of the year? Even if it’s not Valentine’s or Mother’s day, gifting someone a bouquet is an excellent way to brighten up their day.

After all, gifting is not about the occasion, and what really matters is your sincerity.

6.    Sweater

Sweaters are the sort of things that people don’t spend on a lot. But most people usually appreciate it a lot if they’re gifted one, especially if they’re personalized.

Personalized sweaters are great, especially for the cold weather, and once gifted to someone, they’ll immediately be grateful to you that they have a sweater on hand.

As you can see, personalized gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to personalized and safety gifts for employees, business partners, loved ones, and more, but wouldn’t it be great if they thought of you when they see your gift?

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