Bridal Hair Accessories To Complete Your Wedding Look

Traditional wedding veils are no longer a must-have for wedding ceremonies, with brides now opting for more hair accessories to help top off their look. A good starting point is to first pick out your wedding dress, so as to ensure that your chosen hairstyle and accessory complements and enhances your dress, rather than drown it. The key is to strike a visual balance and pick simpler, minimalistic accessories to go with a more exuberant dress and vice versa. The possibilities are pretty much endless, but here are of some of the most popular hair accessories to get you inspired.

Hair Combs, Clips and Pins

 The simplest and easiest hair accessories to pull off on your wedding day are hair combs, clips and pins that are convenient to put on and remove. Hair combs are a popular choice amongst brides in Singapore since they come in a wide array of designs that are fitting with almost every wedding theme and bridal dress. We recommend donning one with a half-up half-down hairdo, as with hair clips and pins – with some pearls and jewels attached to keep your hair in place while still adding that effortless touch of dainty sophistication. Great for adding detail to an elegant evening dress in an organic way – simply tuck them in your hair anywhere you want and get your bridesmaids to join in the creativity!

Headbands and Tiaras 

If you have always been inspired by Disney princesses and the dreamy fairytale wedding, then headbands and tiaras are the definite choices – whether or not you choose to include a veil, these hair accessories are great for both up-dos and loose curls, ranging from subtle and understated looks to more dramatic and glamorous effects for turning princesses into queens. Pair them with a long sleeve wedding dress and you get a classy, timeless duo. The best thing about headbands and tiaras is that they come in cute and dainty designs to more intricate and complicated ones complete with crystals and rhinestones for that extra sparkle. 

Flower Crowns

Who doesn’t love their flowers? Fresh florals are great not just for the bohemian-themed wedding, but also for spring and summer weddings in Singapore amidst the backdrop of lush gardens or by the sea. Not only are they are a beautiful, authentic way of adding a pop of colour, they are also extremely wallet-friendly and useful for playing around with a variety of makeup looks. We recommend pairing it with loose and tousled hair for a more casual and enchanting look. Either use a single big bloom or a cluster of smaller blooms to instantly inject some romance into your final look – and if you don’t want to use flowers, go for its beautiful alternative: weaves of berries and vines that are just as lovely.

Hair Vines

For an even more laidback and effortless look compared to flower crowns, hair vines are great for the brides who swear by the au naturel route. For this hair accessory, we recommend twisting the vines in the back of braided hair, around a standard bun, or simply letting it drape and fall down your hair for a delicate and feminine touch to a wedding dress with more lace trimmings.

There is ultimate no hard or fast rule when it comes to hair accessories. And we love that you don’t have to own long tresses to make use of these charming embellishments. Go for what feels comfortable for you and expresses your personality the best: you definitely won’t regret taking this detail into account every time you revisit your wedding pictures.

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