Common Skin Pigmentation Issues & Ways To Treat Them

Skin pigmentation usually refers to skin darkening due to overproduction of the substance melanin. There are several kinds of skin pigmentation. Fortunately, there are effective and safe ways to treat skin pigmentation. Let’s read about these different kinds of skin pigmentation and their effective treatment!

  1. Age Spots

Age spot is the most common kind of hyper pigmentation. These spots are generally dark and flat. One can see these spots on sun-exposed areas such as hands, neck, face, arms, and back.  The common causes of age spots include aging and excess exposure to the sun. Age spots can be treated by the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).  If you cannot go for it, use lightening products like creams and masks.

  1. Freckles

It appears like brown peppery spots on the skin. It is most commonly seen in young adults and children. These types of spots fade away with age. The main reason behind these spots is excess production of melanin and exposure to sun rays. In most people, freckles are genetics.

To treat freckles, seek out aesthetic treatments like Limelight Photofacial. This treatment also makes use of IPL technology.

  1. Melasma

This condition is most commonly found in pregnant women, women who take contraceptive pills, and men who use hormone replacement therapy. Areas affected with melasma include nose, neck, lips, forehead, and cheek. Use sunscreen to prevent this skin pigmentation. In order to lighten melasma, use effective and safe skin products containing hydroquinone.

  1. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

It occurs when the skin suffered any kind of injury. One can treat this hyperpigmentation using IPL technology. This technology can even be used for acne scar removal in Singapore.

So, find out your skin pigmentation type and then, follow up with the treatment.

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