Deciding Which School In Singapore To Enrol Your Child In

Education is important for each child, and the Singaporean government stresses on formal education for each child in Singapore. In fact, the Singaporean education system is recognised for producing PISA tests top scorers. Furthermore, this system is extremely rigorous when it comes to math and science subjects. Typically, the instruction medium is English, and this has made it easy for many expatriates to send their children in the local schools.

But before you can enroll your child to any school in Singapore, here’s a look at some factors to take into consideration.


Children who attend international schools Singapore tend to have little to no experience with the local culture. Furthermore, numerous families with children in international schools often end up leaving after several years, meaning that your children may have a hard time making lasting friendships.


If you come across an international school Singapore that’s targeted at pupils from your native country, sending your children there means they get more exposure to their mother tongue and are likely to graduate with better proficiency in that language.


To bluntly put it, international school Singapore fees can be rather high. You will generally be looking at yearly fees of around $20,000 to $35,000.


If you will be staying for several years and wish to return to your home country, it will probably be a lot more convenient when you just enroll your children in an international school which has a similar curriculum to the one in your home country.

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