Escape Rooms Are Games With High Stakes

An escape room game is a modern day sport that allows players to assume different roles and go on an adventure. The players can pretend to be private detectives solving a mysterious kidnapping or sailors looking for hidden treasures.The furniture and décor in each room follow a particular theme. The themes make the storyline look real so at the end players feel like they were part of a blockbuster movie.

However interesting this sounds, do not be fooled into thinking that it is easy. Players have to solve puzzles for them to find the escape route. Thus each room has hints that players have to look for to solve the problem. The adventure is filled with uncertainty and fraught with tricky challenges. Because each storyline is different, no game room resembles another in terms of theme. Here are three main reasons why escape room games can be nerve-wracking.

  1.    Players with different personalities are locked together in the same room.

You will not have fun playing escape room in Singapore alone. It is advisable to go with friends, family members or colleagues. You can also register to play, and when you get to the venue, you will form a group with some strangers.

To succeed in finding the escape, each member of the team has to actively participate. If one fails, he or she derails the entire group. If one of you finds a clue and not share the information with the rest, the group will either take too long to solve the puzzle or even fall for one of the game tricks.

When different personalities are locked up in the same room to find the escape, people feel anxious, confused and sometimes scared. You might even experience mild anxiety or panic attacks, but that is why these adventures are thrilling.

  1.    Puzzles are part of the game.

For you to decipher a riddle, you must think outside the box. Escape room games are designed to jog your mind so you must think hard to find solutions to these mysteries.

Studies show that to find the escape, players must be creative, attentive and pay attention to details when they come across a puzzle. Tension rises when players have different opinions about riddles and they do not arrive at an amicable solution. You might find yourself crying, irritated and shouting at each other in the middle of the game.

Moreover, not everyone is good at solving riddles and you may find that your teammates are your biggest obstacle to successfully escaping. Nevertheless, game masters are always ready to help in case a team is stuck, or there is an emergency. Remember the basic agenda is to have fun and bond with your team.

  1.    Pressure to finish on time.

You will have sixty minutes to finish the game. Do not be fooled to think that this is a lot time even when the mystery sounds easy to solve. Game masters all over the world have observed that very few groups find the escape within the allocated time. Studies indicate that escape room games have a less than fifty percent success rate.

The pressure to finish before the one hour can be nerve-wracking, especially if some members are uncooperative or lazy. When you realise you have taken too much time to find a clue or you have forgotten a hint, you will feel your blood pressure rising. However, it is important to remember that the adrenaline rush is part of the experience, and without this kind of pressure, the game would be boring.

Final thoughts

Escape room games enhance critical thinking. The structure of the game will indeed sharpen your mind and improve your cognitive ability. To achieve this, the sport must have puzzles that make your blood rush. In the end, the anxiety and tension make the entire experience unforgettable. Make sure you have some crazy fun while at it.

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