Essential furnitures to have in your living room

When it comes to a living room, you have to be extra careful while picking up stuff for it. Before you head to the market for buying furniture for designing your modern living room, you need to be clear about what you need in the first place.

A living room looks perfect only with perfect furniture pieces. It is the furniture that makes your living room complete and obviously, you cannot do away with it. In this article, you get to know about all the essential furniture items to make your living room look the best.

  1. Statement Sofa

The very first thing you need for your living room is the statement sofa. Opting for a perfect sofa-set entirely depends on your living room area. The latest trend in terms of sofas is an 3 seater leather sofa in Singapore. However, you can go with a 3l shaped sofa or a sofa bed.

  1. Sleek coffee table

The next essential furniture item is a sleek coffee table, which needs to perfectly match your sofa. There should be some compatibility and chemistry between these two furniture items. Only then, they are going to look great together.

  1. Accent chairs & Ottoman

Accent chairs have become other furniture essentials, which gives not only company to your sofa but adds character to your living room. An accent chair could be anything like settee, armchair, loveseat, recliner chair, or anything. For adding vibrant vibes to your living room, you can opt for a bean bag, bench, ottoman, stool, etc.

  1. TV & consoles

A living room does not go without a TV these days. TVs also come under style statements for a living room. Certainly, a TV is going to need a TV stand. You can go for a console table for this, which even helps you out in storing things.

  1. Side tables

Other must-haves include side tables, which have also become trendy over these years. You can put side tables on corners of your statement sofa or you can place them on the corners of your room. They come out handy in times you need a smaller table for placing décor items.

  1. Shelves & Sideboards

Shelves or sideboards are one of the essential furniture pieces. You can place flower vases, décor items, photo frames, and other such things on sideboards or shelves. They look great in a living room or you can say a living room remains incomplete without them.

  1. Decorative pieces

Last but not least on our list comes a decorative wooden piece, which you can place anywhere in your modern living room. They add beauty to your living room. So, look for furnishings as well while heading over to a furniture shop.

So, you have to keep these essential furniture items in mind before opting them for your modern living room. These furniture items are some basic ones, which are going to make your living room look great. Add them to your shopping list!

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