Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying A CCTV For Your Home

In the past, many would find no need to install a CCTV camera within their home. This is because we were so used to seeing security cameras in a shopping mall, a supermarket or a restaurant, we started to associate these compact things with commercial environments, but a security system is not just confined to a commercial space.

Where home security alarm systems are a big hit today, you need to know that the purpose of an alarm system is to catch suspicious activity only after something unpredicted has happened. Whereas purchasing a CCTV package in Singapore will allow you to stay one step ahead. Let us go a bit deeper for the top tips to finding the best CCTV for your home.

Your Love Nest

Now that you have finally decided to settle with your partner and kids (in the future, maybe), you need to protect them from all the harms that the society has come to known in the 21st century. Living in a country like Singapore, where the city’s hustle and bustle does not let you keep track of time, the thought of your partner and / or children may just completely slip off your mind once you head off to work. Even though Singapore is regarded as one of the safest cities, it is better to be prepared for the unknown than to bear the loss of someone after something has happened.

Security Cameras – Why the Need?

In this social media era, we do not hesitate to give out our personal information to Kemono, Amazon Prime or UberEats, but are still wary when someone knocks on the door in the wee hours of the day, or night. Moreover, with so many packages and services being delivered right to the door, keeping your home under 24-hour surveillance does not sound such a bad idea, doesn’t it?

The CCTV systems for sale in Singapore today offer more than safety and security to your home. They act as a deterrent to crime. Installing a CCTV in your front and backyard can help you keep a watchful eye outside and track any buildup of suspicious activity. Similarly, having a compact security camera installed at your front entrance can help to keep you updated on the foot traffic that enters and leaves your home.

Tips to Finding the CCTV Package for Your Home

Firstly, you need to:

  • Identify the purpose (Indoors, Outdoors or both)
  • Establish the critical points of entry in your home
  • Identify the area you need to cover
  • Decide whether you need 24-hour surveillance

In the second step, your choice of CCTV package in Singapore should be able to:

  • Identify visitors (clear face recognition)
  • Send ALERTS to your mobile (IP CCTV systems)
  • Night Vision
  • Ample of Cloud Storage
  • Integrated Microphone for Voice Commands
  • Facial Recognition (Different from the 1st option – Available at a premium price)

Before you head off to the store, or hit the ‘’BUY’’ button online, checking the following on your checklist will help you enjoy value for money:

  • Decide between a wired CCTV camera or a battery powered one (Most people prefer wired since it reduces recurring expenses, wire damage or other reasons may leave the wired system in-operational)
  • HD Monitoring (Superior quality CCTV systems for sale in Singapore will offer 1080 video surveillance, which means you will enjoy better picture quality)
  • Motion Detection (Decide if you want to monitor motion that comes with push notifications, or you want 24-hour monitoring)
  • Warranty and After-Sales Service (These are essential when you have any manufacturing defects or any services that you require after you have purchased the product)

One of the practical benefits of modern technology is the protection of your surroundings. While a security guard may be more efficient in deterring crime, you cannot do anything if he / she is patrolling on the other side of the street or have moved to a different block after making a round. The best CCTV for your home will give you peace of mind no matter whether you are out earning bread or are on a getaway vacation to the Bahamas.

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