Gifting Men Flowers Made Simple: What You Need To Know

A bouquet is among a group of stereotypical romantic gifts that women are substantially more likely to receive than men. This might come as a shock to you, but most men love receiving flowers too! Unfortunately, they rarely receive them.

On top of creating a lively environment, flowers are a subtle way of expressing your emotions and thoughts. Imagine giving your husband a bouquet that corresponds to your wedding flowers and colours. It’ll create a depth of sentiment behind the gift. Sometimes, us ladies need to make our men feel special too. Be it for your significant other, father, or other important men in your life – order a flower bouquet delivery to be sent straight to their doorstep! If you have any lingering questions, then read on!

Suggestions for arranging your bouquet

Add a personal touch to your bouquet by arranging them yourself! You could even sign up for our floral arrangement workshop, where you’ll be in good hands. Before you start, we suggest planning how you want the bouquet to turn out. It may seem pretty daunting especially since there aren’t many examples to follow, but perhaps these guidelines could help.

  • Is there a special occasion?

Rule of thumb: the occasion influences the colours. So if it’s for a happy event to congratulate or celebrate, then go for bright and lively colours! On the other hand, apology or condolence flowers should be more subdued in both the colour and design.

  • Get creative with colour!

Rather than black and white, some general colours that men love are orange, red, yellow, purple and blue. Flowers of these colours would be roses, sunflowers, or gerbera daisies – tone down these bright colours with greens like carnations and orchids.

  • Pay attention to the overall design of the floral structure.

Instead of a traditional bouquet, consider arranging your flowers in a themed or boxed vase. It’s best to stick to a contemporary floral arrangement that accentuates defined lines and natural style.

  • Take note of the scent.

Too much flora can get a little overwhelming, especially for men who aren’t that used to it. Flowers like tulips, roses, bluebells are musky and earthy. If you want to heighten the masculine scent, then add some eucalyptus, pine and cedar. Another alternative to elevate the scent is to throw in a scented candle along with your bouquet!

  • If he has a favourite flower, consider it too.

This is a personal gesture, so top it off with a flower that he likes. It’s also a perfect way of showing him that you know what he favours as well.

Flowers to symbolise feelings

There’s no better way to tell someone you love them than to give a bouquet of red roses. But aside from that, there are many other messages that you can express from flowers! Flowers have different meanings around the world, but some cultures share similar views of them due to their physical appearance.

  • Dahlia

Dahlia is the epitome of staying graceful even when under pressure. And no, we’re not talking about dahlia cookies! But if you include dahlia flowers, then you can bake some cookies to go along with them.

  • Baby breath

Florists often tuck the delicate springs of baby breaths into their bouquet. These flowers represent innocence and everlasting love.

  • Orange gerberas

There are many ways to tell someone you love them without saying “love”. Orange gerberas are one of them, as giving it to someone tells them that they’re the sunshine of your life!

  • Sunflower

It’s common to see sunflower bouquets in Singapore, seeing as it fits the sunny weather here! Have you snacked on sunflower seeds before? Well, giving someone a sunflower means nourishing yourself and others since sunflowers produce many edible seeds!

  • Lilac

Lilacs express confidence that the giver has in the receiver. This makes an excellent gift for graduates, and for celebrating momentous occasions like getting promoted at work!


If someone thinks that flowers are exclusively for women, then it’s time to change the dialogue to something a little more inclusive. Some men might not know what else to do with them, so it’d be nice to leave a note on how they can care for the flowers! Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with flowers to a loved one. The gift of flowers will always be appreciated. If you want an expert’s opinion, contact our friendly florists.

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