Home Viewing and What to Keep an Eye Out For

Especially in Singapore, most of those who have their own homes are married couples and who are first-time owners. So, if you’re still a property rookie even after binge-watching Million Dollar Listing, please never emulate how they strike a deal as the context are virtually different. What you should keep an eye out for, for instance, is when there is no furniture in the house or especially when the staging looks too good, it might be that the owners are hiding some damage or fault in the house!

Here are some expert tips on what to spot and eye for during home-viewing sessions:

Don’t be fooled by staging

There are reasons why staging experts exist and why their services cost a bomb. Realtors often employ staging experts during open houses and home-viewing sessions. There are certain types of furniture that makes a particular room in the house seem much bigger such as carpets and mirrors. Especially for condominium units, staging experts will often use light and soft colours to create the illusion of a bigger space. So, always keep note of that. If there’s a really distracting view in the house, the stagers might even block it with a tall bookshelf or even an antique clock tower.


It’s a known fact that Singapore doesn’t exactly have jaw-dropping views, but it doesn’t mean there are no natural views. The greens and blues are never a sight that fails to make us look at them in awe. Especially if you’re living in a penthouse or a unit that’s above level 5, you can enjoy a magnificent view. For instance, Parc Esta Condo Singapore has a beautiful view of the Katong area which has beautiful little shophouses. You could also enjoy a view of Singapore’s city skyline and a view of the Marina Bay Sands!

If you love accessibility and the heartlands, then the Belgravia Green would be perfect for you as Ang Mo Kio is conveniently located in central Singapore, and getting to any part of the country is relatively easy.

Floor Plan

Many first-timers start worrying when there isn’t any furniture in the house, and so it gets more difficult to picture where things should go and distinguish which room is which. Don’t fret, though! It gives you a blank canvas for you to paint your new picture with your family in your new home! Remember to look for the partition pillars and mini steps as some apartment units have a separate lounge area, living room and dining area. Some homeowners even change their balcony to be part of a bigger living room or knock down a storeroom to have a half bedroom. If they aren’t any partition pillars, then it’ll be best to let your realtor guide the way while referencing to the floor plan throughout.

Storage Space

This is an extremely important matter to take note of. Storage space is more important that you think! Once you’re too swayed by the view of your master bedroom, and forget all about your huge wardrobe – you’ll leave yourself regretting it every day!

Make sure to remember these few things during your home-viewing sessions so that you could make an intelligent offer for what it’s worth or to make sure you won’t regret it. Most houses in Singapore has an incredible foundation so looking out for plumbing and fungi issues aren’t primary. Other than that – the best of luck to the first-timers!

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