How Balloons Can Be Used In A Child’s Birthday Party

Kids clamour for an extravagant birthday party and most parents are, of course, only too happy to oblige. Everything at these parties must be as dazzling to serve an event worthy of commemorating your child’s milestone. Especially with the usage of social media, there is an innate pressure to host a sensational party that not only your family, but your guests, will remember.

With that in mind, let’s explore how balloons play an essential part in the party’s décor.

Suit Various Themes

One of the most significant advantages that we see in this context today is the emergence of specialised birthday party balloons in Singapore. Mind you; these are no ordinary balloons. Instead, by following the current trend, they have been made to ensure that your child receives only the very best. This also includes balloons with their favourite character on it – from movies, television shows and books!

Your child will be able to choose from a wide range of balloons to suit a theme. The possibilities are practically endless!

Easy Entertainment

A particular type of balloons that deserves separate mention is helium party balloons that have always been popular in Singapore. Essentially, these balloons are filled with helium gas that is significantly lighter than air, and this caused them to float high up in the air. Be sure to hold on to them tight lest they float way too high for you to catch them!

A fun thing you can do is tie the helium balloon on your child’s wrist, so it will follow them around wherever they go! It’s a simple gesture but kids get very entertained and amused with it.

Fun and Games

Helium and non-helium balloons alike can be incorporated in an endless array of games and activities for kids. You can try playing a game of indoor tennis, using plate racquets to hit the balloon back and forth. If no one is fearful of balloons popping, you can fill some balloons with treats such as small candies, toys and trinkets and let the kids pop the balloons to retrieve their surprises. With plenty of adult supervision, there are tons of games and activities to include in your party!

Decorate the Space

Balloon bouquets are seen to be another viable option as a party décor in kids’ birthday parties. These are a several different but complementary balloons put together to form a bouquet. These could be personalised with your choice of colours and designs to create a theme or suit what your child likes! Put them as a table centrepiece or as part of the dessert table décor to complement the birthday cake.


When it comes to the party décor in kids’ birthday parties, there are absolutely none that match these unique helium birthday balloons. They add a special and irreplaceable touch to the space without having to exert a lot of time and effort. Create a wonderful party for your child with helium balloons today!

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