How IB PYP Benefits The Learning Journey Of Foreign Students

Parents who have just relocated to Singapore have to make the right decision for their children, especially when it comes to which school they will attend. An international school Singapore is usually the choice, but the concern here is how the children will acclimate to the curricula. Singapore PYP comes to the rescue here. Find out how Singapore PYP can help the transition of a student from one school to another.

  1. The Singapore PYP covers different regions and countries

The programme is quite broad and can accommodate students from virtually any country in the world. No matter where the student hails from, they will easily adapt to the new curricula. They will be introduced to different global topics; thereby, making it easy to transition into their previous curricula in case they return to their home country.

  1. It encourages critical thinking

Singapore PYP at any international school Singapore does not encourage or force students to memorize facts and regurgitate them during examinations and tests. Instead, it adopts an inquiry-based learning process, which entails a holistic and hands-on approach for the students to learn.

  1. The student can continue the program anywhere

There are thousands of international baccalaureate schools around the world, and any student who was enrolled in a Singapore PYP can simply continue in any other country. It is easier for students to transfer from one IB school to another.

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