How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions in wedding planning. There are so many choices when deciding Singapore outdoor wedding venues. You need to consider your budget, decors, and vendors accordingly. For example, guests will wear formal dresses if you choose a hotel. On the other side, they will choose casual outfits if you go for a garden wedding or beachside wedding.

There are different places to hold your wedding. Here are some of the things to keep in mind –


It is definitely, the first thing to consider when choosing a venue. So, talk to your fiancé and decide how much you can take on. Know the rates of the specific location. Figure out how far you can go on your budget to avoid the pain of choosing the wrong place. Do not exceed 50% of your total budget on the venue only.

Number of Guests

Are you planning a small or big wedding? Not all garden wedding Singapore locations can serve a huge number of visitors. Estimate how many people are coming. Almost all venues have a capacity to host a specific number of visitors.

Schedule your Visit 

After having a list of potential wedding venues, ask them to plan your appointment. Arrange a visit to a venue, which would be set up for the wedding. Determine the size of the area once tables are arranged, the couple’s table, band equipment, and other components.

Do not fall for the first venue you visit

It is a common mistake you should avoid. Also, do not book the first venue after visiting. Be sure to have 3 choices at least according to your style and budget.

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