How To Determine If A Property Is Cleaned Thoroughly

One of the first things a potential buyer looks for when they visit a property is its cleanliness. From corridors to function rooms, any indication of poor maintenance can be a major turn off. In contrast, an immaculate residential space can be a huge plus point, increasing the property’s attractiveness.

Existing residents also benefit from living in sanitary conditions. Having a clean living environment has been shown to relieve stress, which can lead to more satisfied tenants. A clean property is also beneficial for one’s health. Concerns like litter, dirty and dusty areas, and garbage would be taken care of to reduce bacteria and pests from breeding. Plus, it makes the property more visually appealing, which could drive up property value.

When you are managing a property or residential estate, it is essential to identify the hallmarks of a clean property so that you can strive towards them. Here are some signs that a property is being properly cleaned.

1. Emptied rubbish bins

Germs and pests can breed in unkempt rubbish bings, especially if they contain food scraps and waste. The goal is to ensure the bins are kept clean and cleared, so dispose them regularly so it does not overflow. As a property manager, you will need the expertise of a dedicated cleaning staff to help you with this labourious but crucial task.

2. Absence of foul smell

Foul smells can be commonplace in poorly maintained properties. Such smells can come from various sources, such as poorly cleaned spillage or uncleared rubbish chutes. The effects of this are rather self-explanatory – dissatisfied and unhappy residents. The chances of this occurring can be minimised through consistent and systematic cleaning. The most efficient way to handle this would be through hiring professional residential cleaning services, which take care of most of the cleaning operations for you.

3. Dust and litter-free

No one likes to see dust balls and litter lining the corridors. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your property bright and clean. However, that is only part of the problem. Something that is less obvious to the eyes is dust that accumulates in hard-to-reach areas like ceilings and behind furnishing and other fixtures. These areas can be easily missed, and some may require specialised equipment to reach. As such, hiring professional cleaning companies can provide the cleaning expertise and tools necessary to get the job done.

4. Clean windows

While individual tenants are typically in charge of their own windows, glass panes or windows at homes, the windows in common facilities should be kept sparkling clean. Otherwise, you will risk having contaminants and pollutants that remain stuck on the glass, posing health risk and preventing natural light from penetrating inside. The amount of scheduled cleaning necessary depends mainly on how often the facility is used. This includes areas like function rooms, gym, and BBQ pavilion. Clean windows will also improve the overall appearance of the space.

5. Well-maintained facilities

The general cleanliness of shared facilities can be a clear marker of the overall hygiene of the estate. This is because these areas experience high foot traffic and can get dirty quickly. While it is difficult to control how well your tenants clean up the facilities after use, your hired cleaning staff should still be able to keep it in top-notch condition. Many condo cleaning services in Singapore can handle a wide range of amenities, from public restrooms to function rooms.


There are a host of issues to account for when dealing with residential cleanliness. A lot of these traits would be challenging to achieve without the help of a dedicated cleaning team. Here, we provide a variety of professional residential cleaning services that can keep your property spick and span. From rubbish chute clearing to facility maintenance, you can definitely count on us to make your property shine.

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