How to get picture-perfect photos at the photo booth

Do you want to look absolutely perfect in a photo? Do you want your photo to show off your best features and hide away the shy ones? How do you get that photograph with your perfect smile?

With the best photo booth in Singapore, that is certainly possible. You’ll chance upon these professional photo booths at corporate events. They’re adorned with props and beautiful backdrops and use professional and high quality lighting. Each photo taken is so perfectly, you don’t have to wait for it to be touched up at all – you’ll get a printout of that photo within minutes.

The next time you spot an instant photo booth in Singapore, follow these Instagram-worthy tips to help you get the best photo you can.

  1. Touch yourself up

Heading to the nearest washroom to touch up is probably the first thing that you want to do. No Instagram celebrity rushes into their photoshoot without first inspecting themselves closely in the mirror. If you’re wearing makeup, you might want to touch up any patchy parts. Be aware of your hair too! It might be wise to part your fringe and swipe it behind so your face is fully shown in the photo. Small efforts can go a long way in making yourself look neat, clean and presentable.

  1. Choose the props you’d like to use

Props are an essential part of the wedding photo booth in Singapore experience. The photo booth will provide a variety of interesting props, from toy swords to plushies to headwear. While waiting for your turn to take a photo, you should carefully consider which prop(s) you’d like to use for the photo. Each prop can alter the mood of the photo – for instance: holding a plushie can make you look for cute or child-like, while holding a sword would make you look more like a character out of an action movie. If you’re taking your photo with friends, it might be useful to use the time in the queue to co-ordinate and assign similar props to everyone for maximum coherence. As there’s no limit to the number of photos you can take, feel free to experiment with different props one at a time to see which one looks best with your outfit and personality.

  1. Ask a friend to help

Sometimes, we may need a second opinion. Having a friend to help direct you while having a photo shoot is definitely one way to get the perfect photo. As the cameraman is unlikely to know you personally, getting a friend to tell you which props to use, where to stand and how to pose can be important in helping you get that perfect photo. Enlist the help of a friend you trust, ideally someone who has a keen eye for aesthetics. Your friend can also help to make sure you look neat – that no stray hairs are out of place, that your makeup is on point. Don’t forget to return the favour. Or, better yet, take a picture together! Nothing celebrates a friendship better than a bonding experience at a photo booth.


A perfect photo is definitely within your reach whenever you chance upon a photo booth. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be guaranteed to walk away with a beautiful printout of a beloved photo.

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