Mattresses: 5 Handy Tips To Ensure An Increase In Durability

If you have invested in a proper storage bed or the ideal mattress to fit your needs, then you are most likely expecting it to last for many years. While certain mattresses may not be able to last for more than five or ten years, how you maintain your bed or mattress can certainly lengthen or shorten its lifespan.

Getting adequate rest is something that is always vital for the sake of your physical and mental health. Thus, you should look to put in the best care practices and improve the longevity of your mattress.

Here are 5 ways you can make your mattress much more durable to provide optimal sleep for many years to come.

1. Keep your mattress supported properly

If you own a memory foam mattress, take note that your mattress should receive the right support to preserve the inner mattress materials and prevent early wear. For example, box springs are ideal for spring-type mattresses, while others such as memory foam mattress require solid and firmer support.

The size of your mattress matters greatly too. King size memory foam mattresses, for instance, should have centre support bars to support both the weight of the mattress and the sleepers.

2. Rotate your mattress regularly

No matter what kind of mattress you have, you should look to rotate it regularly so you can avoid leaving a lasting impression with your body weight. This will depend on the recommendations of your mattress provider. But if you’re curious to learn more, rotating can help to promote durability and long lifespan for your mattress. Otherwise, it can wear out unevenly over time, cause poor sleep alignment and support for your spine.

If you are looking for the ideal time frame to rotate your mattress, every two to six months should be optimal. In the first couple of years, rotating your mattress can be important as you are breaking in the mattress.

3. Disinfect your mattress

Sunlight is important when it comes to the durability of a mattress, as well as keeping it cleaned and free from any dust mites. Simply leaving it out for about six hours under the hot sun can provide many benefits. For example, airing out your mattress can prevent an excess of moisture build-up from humidity. UV light from the sun can also help to eliminate pests such as bedbugs and prevent them from breeding.

4. Clean your mattress regularly

Besides stripping your bed of its sheets, it’s essential to clean your actual mattress too. Vacuum the surface and seams to clear any lingering debris and dust. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the surface area of the mattress before using the vacuum to absorb excess moisture and odours. This is also a good time for you to take a closer look and inspect your mattress for any issues.

5. Use a mattress protector from the start

Mattress protectors provide many benefits for your bed, and it is one of the simplest and best ways to protect and improve your bed’s longevity. With a mattress protector, you can take better guard against accidents and spills on your mattress. It also helps to lessen any debris, dirt and dust build-up in your bed.

If you own a mattress for lower back pain, such as Chiro series Sensation Tencel, increasing its longevity can help you sleep better without any disturbance throughout the night for many years. With individual pocketed spring, the mattress provides excellent back support to keep those aches and pains at bay as you benefit from a deep and comfortable sleep. The mattress also provides memory foam cushion to reduce pressure points, making good sleep a bliss that you don’t want to miss.


Besides knowing the essential steps to care for your mattress, you should also look towards investing the right one from the start. This ensures you have a quality mattress you can rely on, and lie on, for years to come. Shop from our wide range of quality mattresses and choose the best one for your needs!

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