Must-visit places when you’re in Singapore

Singapore has for decades been known as a destination spot for anybody looking to shop for fancy toys and electronics. The country is gradually becoming the new business hub of the Asian region, and with lots of development and infrastructure coming up, shopping in Singapore will become a favorite past time for lots of people around the world.

Although, there are so many things you can do in Singapore, shopping in Singapore is one thing you should never miss. Singapore is a goldmine for electronics, food, clothes and a host of other things. So, if you ever visit Singapore and you wish to go shopping in Singapore, here is a breakdown of five places to do the best shopping.

  1. Holland Village

This is the part of Singapore where a lot of young people and foreign nationals live in. It is somewhat a high-brow area which makes it a top destination for shopping in Singapore. You will find arts and handicrafts in abundance here. So, as a tourist in Singapore, if you find yourself in Holland Road, endeavor to visit the shopping district. You never can tell what beautiful gem you would take back home. Examples of things you can get in Holland village include home decorative items, accessories, antiques, art, second-hand books, collectibles, etc.

  1. Orchard Road

To experience the spirit of Singapore in its entirety, head to Orchard road. It is the shopping capital of the country, and there is an abundance of malls in this area. Underground tunnels connecting to different parts of the country are everywhere which gives shoppers a top-notch experience of shopping in Singapore. From food, clothes, accessories to electronics, there is nothing you seek in Orchard road that you will not find.

  1. Chinatown

Chinatown is where you can go shopping in Singapore on a budget. Here, you will see a lot of shops selling products at giveaway prices. Chinatown is a great place to find souvenirs, clothes, and spices at affordable prices. You will get the best bargains in here, and you will walk away with lots of bags.

  1. Marina Bay

The marina bay area accentuates Singapore’s glorious skyline, and it looks great with one long rooftop infinity pool that connects three hotel buildings. The Marina Bay Sands, one of the biggest luxury malls in Singapore is adjacent the hotels. You can buy high-end fashion items here, eat at the best restaurants and if you like, you can ride on a boat in the canal.

  1. Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre is a popular place for those who are conversant with shopping in Singapore. Located in the Indian area of Singapore and also known as Little India. If you are buying electronics in Singapore, this is the best place for you to get them at affordable prices.

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