Permanent Hair Removal: 3 Reasons You Should Choose SHR

Us women have dedicated our whole lives and will do anything in our quest to achieve smooth and flawless skin.

In today’s fast-paced society – we want things fast using as little effort as possible – and the same goes for hair removal. All thanks to technological advancements in the industry, it seems that we are one step closer to permanent hair removal – made possible with solutions such as laser hair removal and electrolysis.

While electrolysis is the only FDA-approved hair removal method that is considered to be permanent – laser hair removal is able to provide similar results, all while offering unique advantages that makes it the more popular option between the two.

How they work

Both laser hair removal and electrolysis works by targeting the hair follicles underneath the skin’s surface to destroy hairs at its root. 

In short, lasers utilize powerful and intense light energy to deliver mild radiation to the hair follicles in an attempt to disable and prevent regrowth.

On the other hand, electrolysis works by inserting a fine needle directly into the hair follicle and applying an electric current to destroy the root completely.

While advanced technology such as SHR have overcame many of the cons of traditional laser hair removal systems – here is why it too, a better option than electrolysis:

#1: You will need less treatment sessions.

Because each hair must be treated individually in electrolysis, it will require many sessions to treat large areas such as the legs or the back. Thus, it is more often used for facial hair removal rather than bikini and Brazilian hair removal – especially since the hairs down there are much coarser, thus demanding repetitive treatments.

On the flip side, our SHR machine are able to deliver faster, more powerful, and precise shots to treat several hair follicles at once. On average, it requires just 4 – 8 sessions every 4 – 6 weeks to see results. Compare this to the 15 – 30 sessions required every 1 – 2 weeks for electrolysis!

Especially if you have a busy schedule (which most of us do), laser hair removal is the go-to choice.

 #2: It is less painful.

Many patients who undergo electrolysis report it as a fairly painful and uncomfortable experience. In addition, treatment sessions also last longer – which adds to the discomfort level often described as a stinging or pricking sensation. In most cases, patients take a pain reliever or apply numbing cream prior to their session.

In addition to ensuring a pain-free experience – our proprietary Princess Gel™ used during treatment also gives our customers smoother and fairer skin – a big plus point for many ladies!

#3: It’s far more accessible and affordable.

While each electrolysis session typically costs less than a single SHR session – the bill that you end up with is likely to be lower, given that the extensive number of sessions required for electrolysis can quickly stack up.

Laser hair removal is also much more accessible, with many places offering the own laser systems for your convenience. 

We try our best to make SHR treatments affordable for all our customers! This means monthly deals, referral programs, and exciting package plans that fit any budget. We also have two attractive outlets located in town and the CBD area for you to choose from!

While electrolysis brings about its own set of pros, such as its ability to treat grey and white hairs unlike IPL hair removal – the speed and convenience of painless hair removal with SHR is enough for majority of ladies to achieve their hair-free goals.

Regardless, it is always wise to get it done with specialists who are knowledgeable in the dynamics of different skin types and how it reacts to different wavelengths – if you wish to get in touch with our well-trained and experienced specialists, contact us today to book your appointment!

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