Promotional Items In The Digital Age: Is It Still Effective?

The end goal of every business is to first, survive the fierce competition to eventually upscale and improve their bottom line. To do so, companies have to uptake marketing strategies that can further strengthen their brand awareness and trust, even with a limited budget.

With the introduction of digital media and the like, traditional marketing methods have largely fallen out of favour, especially amongst millennials. Not only do they pose a strain on the budget, but they are also becoming less effective with time. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all traditional marketing methods have become obsolete; promotional products being one of them. Research has shown that 8 out of 10 millennials do keep promotional goods for over a year. On top of that, 88% of them also have a more favourable impression of the brand and company as a whole.

To further add on, here are more benefits of using promotional merchandises and how they can further improve brand awareness and trust amongst your customers and partners.

Promotional products: What the stats say

On top of being affordable, the benefits of including promotional items into your marketing strategies are aplenty. Not only do they offer more visibility to brands and services, but they can also significantly improve the outcomes of other initiatives by a large margin. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of campaigns jumps up to 44% when promotional items are included.

A survey done by the Promotional Products Association International states that despite being inundated with an overwhelming amount of messages, promotional products are effective in packaging and delivering the message succinctly and accurately. In fact, 76% of the respondents in the above-stated survey claimed that they still remember the brand and the message on the items that they’ve received in the past 2 years.

Several studies have already solidified the notion that consumers would rather patronise a business that they know and trust, even if their price point may be higher than their counterparts. A promotional product can be the very first step towards fostering that trust, as a study has shown that a company is 2.5 times more likely to garner a strong and positive impression should they include promo items in their campaign.

The benefits of including promo items in your marketing campaigns

To help you figure out what you’d be getting out from this investment, let’s dive deeper into the 3 benefits of promotional products and how they can help your business grow.

1. Brand visibility and exposure

By handing out quality and practical corporate gifts and promotional items to your consumers and partners, you’d be introducing them to your brand and the services that your business offers. If done exceptionally well, your brand’s message will stay with them even if you don’t do any follow up.

2. Cost-effective

Amongst the other marketing strategies, promotional items are arguably one of the most cost-effective ones. Not only are advertisements made for traditional and digital media more expensive to create, you would also need to pay every single time your advertisement gets broadcasted.

In comparison, promotional items offer a higher return as they are not only cost-effective, but they also have a longer exposure period – so long as the consumers and clients still utilise them. Thus, the key is to opt for items that have a practical use so that they’d want to use them for years to come. Decorative items, such as custom enamel pins, can also be an option as they too, have a long life cycle.

3. Ensures customer loyalty

Promotional items have the propensity to offer a great impression of the brand, which naturally leads to the forming of a relationship with new customers and strengthening the existing bonds with the current ones. This goes the same with business partners as well.


Don’t miss out on the high returns and consider including promotional items into your marketing strategies! Their short-term and long-term benefits pose as crucial elements that can help your business upscale and expand. To get the best results, you’d want to engage with a reputable and quality corporate gift company that can help you design, package and deliver such items right to your very doorstep.

We’re determined to offer you just that. With an extensive range of corporate gifts in Singapore for you to choose from, we’re the company that will meet your corporate gift needs!

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