Screen Printing: The Good And Bad

Custom T-Shirt prints have a lot of benefits, from raising awareness for funds to advertising your new business, customised T-Shirts covers it all.

If you seriously want to invest in custom T-Shirt printing, using screen print, then this article will provide valuable insight as we reveal some pros and cons of using screen printing as your option.

Reasonable Option

If you think that customised T-shirts using screen printing are expensive, think again, because they certainly are in your budget.

Usually Durable

Wearing customised tees not only looks professional, but they also are durable. If you want your shirts to adhere longer, opt for screen printing as it is widely known for its high-quality.

Makes Amazing Giveaways

Finally, custom T-shirt using screen printing makes amazing giveaways because of their cheap cost.

Good Quality

The ink that bonds on the fabric is more durable when used in screen printing. Also, the image is clearer than DTG or ink printing

Versatile in Nature

Screen printing can not only be used in T-shirt printing but also in hats, jackets, bags as well.

Accurate and Quick

The production of tees using screen printing is fast and quick. This means that you can produce bulk orders in a small period. Thus, advertising can be done in a short amount of time as well.  Just know that screen printing will make your business free of hassles.

Perfect for New Businesses

Did you know that screen printing works perfectly with startup companies? They are cheap and quick in production

However, there are some disadvantages of screen printing as well. Read further to know more;

Becomes Expensive for Small Orders

As mentioned earlier, screen printing is a feasible option only for bulk orders. However, if the order only contains a dozen tees or any other accessory, the cost will be more.

Needing More Equipment

Screen printing requires you to buy any equipment’s to begin the printing process. Some examples are screens, inks, emulsion fluids, and the material you wish to print. This further increases the cost. So, for startup companies whose budget is less, screen printing is not the right option.

Quality Does Not Match with Photo Reproductions

Many experts believe that DTG is a better option for reproducing photos as digital reproduction is much like the original picture.

As you must have noticed, everything comes with its own sets of pros and cons. So, before you invest in screen printing, then you need to do your research. You don’t want to invest in something you don’t plan to continue later, or in something that doesn’t yield a profit to you. Whichever method you opt for T-shirt printing in Singapore, this business is a very profitable business.

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