The Perfect Type Of Bed Frames For Your Family At Home

A steel bed frame can keep your headboard steady and add great support to the mattress. Well, it has nothing much to do for aesthetic appeal, no matter how important it is. Therefore, it is better to camouflage steel bed frame with storage rather than leaving it exposed. Here are the steps to help you to do so –

First, lay bed skirt, which keeps dust at bay to cover the steel bed frame. Drape it down over the front and sides in between the mattress and box spring. Position the bed skirt and remove the mattress. Place it back on the top and make changes by tugging it so it seems to be even over the edges.

Cover the steel bed frame in a kind of pliable material to hide it in a unique way. You may tie strips of old ties and bind it with the frame. Cover with the colorful fabric over the frame and conceal the steel.

Now cover the frame with foam pool noodles that you can find in your kid’s bedroom to hide and protect the kids from a hard surface. Cut down a slit horizontally on the middle to get through the hole in the center of the noodle. Slip it well over the edge of the frame to hide it.

Buy a bedspread or comforter at a furniture sale, which is larger in size than your bed. Drape it on the mattress so it hangs off the edges of the frame to hide it. As for your dining area, you may consider getting a marble dining table in Singapore to enhance the look of your home overall.

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