The Rising Trend In Smart Kitchen Appliances

Singaporean families are increasingly adopting smart technologies in their homes, and it goes beyond traditional home gadgets such as the TV, radio, phones and video players. Tech gadgets have infiltrated Singaporean kitchens and are growing more and more popular. According to research, the market for Smart Kitchen Appliances has nearly hit the $900 million mark as of 2017.

Singapore’s catering equipment suppliers have not been oblivious to this trend. The drive behind the soaring demand for smart kitchen appliances stems from the improved technology to enhance energy efficiency, and rising discretionary income. In this article, we look at some of Singapore’s trending smart kitchen appliances.

What are smart kitchen appliances?

Before you can get ahead of the game, you need to understand what smart kitchen appliances are. These are kitchen appliances that have incorporated digital technology to optimise efficiency and performance. They are equipped with Nano-sensors and have remote connectivity. Most smart kitchen appliances can be operated off-site using apps on smartphones and Bluetooth technology.

You will find some of these trending appliances in restaurants and kitchen suppliers in Singapore.

The smart scale

This scale takes the prize as one of the most exciting and interactive smart kitchen appliances. It is loaded with a customized app, which guides you through a host of different recipes, including Satay, Roti Prata, and even Hainanese Chicken Rice. The scale also includes recipes from favourite Singaporean desserts such as Tao Suan. The smart scale saves you the trouble of purchasing additional measuring cups, as the app indicates the precise amounts of flour, rice, meat and beans as you add the ingredients.

Sous vide precision cooker

Sous vide precision cooking is a technique of cooking where food is immersed in water and prepared under a controlled temperature at preset times. Here’s how these smart cookers work: first, the cooker raises the water temperature to a pre-set level, then food – whether it is steak or vegetables – are placed in vacuum-sealed bags and into the heated water. They are allowed to cook from anywhere between 15 minutes to 48 hours with the sensors in the cooker controlling convection currents and measuring temperature with great precision. The outcome is an excellent meal because sous vide enables food to retain its flavour and nutrients. Furthermore, most sous vide cookers are app-enabled, and you can control them with a remote.

A smart pan

A smart pan ensures that you cook eggs, roti prata or whatever else you may have in your menu to perfection. Like the smart scale, it comes with an app loaded with different recipes; it has sensors and sends notifications when the pan reaches the perfect temperature.

To conclude, these are but just a few of the smart kitchen appliances trending in Singapore. If you are looking to boost some of your hotel supplies, link up with your preferred Singapore commercial catering equipment suppliers or a fair deal. While they cannot promise to deliver robot maids, these devices will take you steps closer to transforming your kitchen into the most efficient one there is!

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