Tips On Keeping Pests Away From Your Apartment Home

There are many positives and negatives to apartment-style living in Singapore. One huge positive is the social aspect by having neighbours around to make friends and have a social life. One big negative would be the rise of pest infestations, but worry not, it can be cured.

In order to protect yourself from such an infestation, here are a few tips you can utilise.

Maintain proper hygiene around your apartment

You may have heard about proper hygiene too many times, but it is essential to pest removal. The cleanliness of your home is a factor on whether pests will be attracted or repelled by it. While there are pests that won’t be easily affected by it such as bedbugs due to their nature of clinging to furniture, you can potentially keep out other pests too.

One of the most crucial factors of hygiene in your home is the kitchen. By making it spotless with routine cleaning, you can always ensure that hygiene is kept at a high level and that pests won’t be attracted to food crumbs that are left on the plate. There are many other ways to ensure proper hygiene in the kitchen too. For example, cleaning your sink and leaving it dry, sweeping and mopping the floor in the instance of food spillage, cleaning under the sink and inside the cabinets. Weekly cleaning can improve your hygiene significantly.

De-clutter your kitchen

Having a cluttered kitchen can make it easy for pests to live in without your knowledge. Clear and put away all the utensils, plates and pots that you don’t need. If you find your storeroom to be full of things that you don’t need, you can either give them away or sell them, but be cautioned; you should always put your sold items nicely into pest-resistant containers. You don’t want to give anyone else a torrid experience with pests.

Garbage sanitation around the house

The place where you dispose of your garbage matters a lot. You can place a small bin in your kitchen and throw any dirty things right into it. While having a bin is excellent, it should be emptied every day so that it doesn’t become a source of food for pests. A great way to make your cleaning job much more manageable is to opt for a bin with a fitting lid that can be closed. When throwing your trash away, make sure all bags are tightly sealed, and no holes are found. If possible, you should ensure that your garbage chute is minimally cleaned to prevent pests too.

Look out for openings

It is effortless for pests to move between your house to your neighbours and vice-versa. Check for any openings that may give them entry and seal them. You can prevent the spread of pests from your neighbours home to yours by having them seal their openings as well.

Fumigate the apartment

The best way to efficiently clear out pests is to work together with your neighbours. By contacting a pest control company, not only can they help you solve any pest infestation issues, but they provide dedicated pest removal services too. Some examples include bed bug control services due to their clinging nature, and how they are able to spread to your neighbour’s home too.

Ideally, you should look to have fumigation done as soon as you spot any pest infestation. If your apartment has indeed been infested with pests, make sure to let the fumigators know which pest so that they can deal with it appropriately.

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