Top 6 Things to See and Do in Jurong

Jurong is the western part of Singapore which was once covered by shrubs and a thick jungle. The most common notion about this place is that it is away from the glitz and glamour of the city with fewer things to do. However, the truth is that Jurong has a lot to offer. It has many restaurants, shopping malls, eco-gardens and ice skating rinks which are sure to keep you entertained.  Here are some of the best things you can do and see in Jurong.

Boon Lay Shopping Centre

Located in Jurong West Town, Boon Lay Shopping Centre is situated within Boon Lay Place.  Comprising of 110 retail shops and eating outlets, this is a peaceful and quiet shopping centre which is for those who would like to avoid the crowd. To reach Boonlay Shopping centre with ease, you need to reach Lakeside MRT Station which is located 1 km away from Boonlay Shopping centre. The shopping place houses many clinics, food outlets, merchandise stores and salons. Hockey Village, Boon Lay Community Centre, a Chinese temple and a church lie in close proximity to Boon Lay Shopping Centre.

Jurong Eco-Garden

Jurong Eco-Garden is the greenest area in Jurong which is well known as a place located in the business park. Located centrally in CleanTech Park, the eco-garden is divided into four themes including Summit Forest, Freshwater Swamp forest, Wildlife corridor and Stream Ravine. This park has also won many accolades in the New Parks Category which makes it a must visit when you are in Jurong.

Jurong Lake

Jurong Lake is a mesmerizing sight especially in the evenings. Surrounded by a parkland, this park is the best place to go kayaking. Taking a stroll around the park is the best activity as you can relax and take a stroll around Chinese Pagodas and Bridges. The water sports centre called the Water Venture offers activities like dragon boating and kayaking.

Jurong Hill

Located on Jurong Hill is a tower that has not been renovated since years. However, when you climb onto Jurong Hill, the view of the Jurong Town from the tower will blow your mind away.  Jurong Hill also has a Garden of Fame which has been visited by famous people like Queen Elizabeth II, Marcos, Deng Xiaoping and Suharto.

Jurong East Swimming Complex

If you wish to go to water park without having to wait in snaking queues, the best thing to do is to visit Jurong East Swimming Complex. This place comprises of a bubble jet station, a river and a jacuzzi. Along with all this, you can also find some thrilling slides here! Overall, visiting this place will enable you to get all the water fun at much lower prices when compared to other water parks like Adventure cove or Wild Wild Wet.

IMM Mall

Those who think IMM is a mall selling furniture must look again! This shopping place houses many famous and elite fashion brands. Known as an outlet mall, this place has 60 outlet stores that offer discounts worth 80%. Some of these brands include Adidas, Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach and Furla.

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