Ways Physical Therapy Can Boost Your Wellness & Aid Ageing

At a certain age, it’s nothing new to hear people lament that they may be too old to change their physical conditions and improve their health.

Physical therapy is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life. It helps to promote health and wellness on top of relieving pain, restoring function and improving mobility.

Here are ways physical therapy can enhance your health and is key in aging well.

Minimize or Eliminate Chronic Pain Associated with Age

At the Singapore National University Hospital, doctors reported a 50 to 60 percent rise in the number of older people seeking treatment for chronic body pains. Most of the conditions reported were back and neck pain due to degenerative spinal conditions. Others were nerve pain and chronic ailments such as arthritis.

Chronic pain can be alleviated with therapeutic exercises and physical therapy techniques. It can help restore muscle function and, mobilize your joints and soft tissues, reducing aches or eliminating pain altogether. By performing it regularly, it can help you to manage the pain.

Improves Your Mobility

As we age, sometimes there may be mobility challenges when doing simple activities like eating around due to spine-related or joint-related conditions. Physiotherapy treatment can help in strength training, joint mobilisation and physical function. When mobility is restored, it can make walking and moving around easier and safer, and also improve balance and coordination to reduce chances of falls.

Avoid Drug Dependency

Most individuals suffering from chronic pain such as osteoarthritis and back pain tend to rely on medication such as painkillers for pain relief instead of seeking proper osteoarthritis treatment or back pain treatment in Singapore. Solutions such as Physical therapy or surgery can resolve the problem and provide pain relief and at the same time, avoid the dependence on those prescribed drugs.

Manage Diabetes and Other Ailments

Visiting a physiotherapy clinic for treatment is not only beneficial for physical pains and conditions. It can also handle and manage various age-related health problems such as arthritis or diseases like diabetes. You will be guided with an individual management plan to manage your condition. Physical therapy consists of the right mix of weight strengthening exercises and aerobic exercises that can also help manage your blood sugar. It is also effective for those suffering from cardiac issues as it is beneficial in improving cardiovascular function.

Physical therapy is an effective and proven way of improving a person’s health and wellness. Whether you have undergone surgery or have sustained an injury, through physical therapy and as part of the healing process, you can regain capabilities that were once lost. It will also help to significantly improve the overall health and fitness levels besides helping with activities of daily living.

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