What Are The Types Of Caskets To Choose From?

In matters of funerals and funeral services in Singapore, choosing and deciding on a casket is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.

Because let’s face it: caskets are certainly one of the big-ticket funeral items with considerably various features and prices. Not to mention, they are practically used for almost all types of funeral services. Be it as a Christian funeral custom in Singapore for a Buddhist memorial service for the deceased to lay to rest peacefully.

On the bright side, every price range has its own beautiful selection to choose from. However, sometimes, you may not be fully aware of what you are paying for in a casket. It suffices to assume that most people might make the purchase because they are in a state of emotional turmoil and the casket is in need with urgency, therefore people could not afford the luxury of bargains.

To curb emotional overspending, you could shop for a casket in advance so you can easily compare the prices. Here are the basic steps that can will you through the selection process.

How to buy a casket

1. Start by setting a budget

Funeral caskets range in prices from about $1,000 to $10,000. You can avoid spending more than what you planned by setting a target budget for a casket.

You can buy the casket from a funeral home. In all situations, you should be given a pricing list which will give you a rough idea on how much a funeral costs in Singapore. This can help you make up your mind on your budget.

2. Consider the wishes of your loved one

Some passed loved ones may have left instructions on the type of casket they prefer when they die. You can use these preferences to guide you.

For instance, you can make use of their personal preferences to help you decide on the materials, lining and trimmings for the casket.

3. Have someone tag along with you

A friend or a close relative can help you decide. Two minds are better than one.

When you are bereaved, you may be emotionally overwhelmed which will affect your decision-making. You can bring someone along to have discussions with and consult with the professional salesperson together to make the best purchase decision.

Casket types to expect

1. Metal caskets

These are actually more durable when compared to wooden caskets. Rubber gaskets are commonly used to seal metal caskets for added protection against environmental elements from entering.

Metal caskets are mainly imported from the United States. Batesville is the best known brand for U.S. metal caskets.

2. Wooden caskets

Wooden caskets can be made from either hardwood or engineered wood. Hardwood caskets are mainly used for burial, and the most popular ones in Singapore are the tropical hardwoods like teak and chengai.

The bulk of cremation caskets used in Singapore are made of engineered wood like MDF. They are less expensive than hardwoods.


Deciding on the type of casket to make a purchase isn’t easy. Always remember to plan beforehand when you are contemplating casket shopping. Don’t forget to take someone along with you and help you plan for the funeral costs.

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