What Are The Various Types Of Surveillance Camera Systems

As small as a surveillance camera may look, it plays a huge role in securing homes and businesses. The need to upgrade your security comes with the need for a surveillance camera. But the main question is which options do I have? The market provides buyers with multiple types of CCTV camera for security. They range in technology, size and shape as well. This article will focus more on the various models available in the market for surveillance cameras.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras

This is the most common type of surveillance camera among those available in the market. This is due to multiple factors that range from the ability to move it, zoom, and easy control. This means that this type of camera offers a wider area of viewing, as it can be moved around. It provides a pan of 360 degrees and 90-degree tilt. It also has the ability to view plate number from 40 feet away.

Wireless Cameras

The wireless surveillance camera is also very popular. The name of this camera suggests that it does not use any cable, but only uses wireless technology to send footage data. It, however, depends on a cable for power support. This type of camera has a lot of advantages since it depends on a single cable for power, thus very easy to set up. This is unlike the traditional surveillance cameras.

Dome Cameras

This is a type of surveillance camera that has a dome cover on the outside. This type of camera has one great advantage, as it is not easy to know where the camera is focusing on. This means it is easy to ignore and assume it does not focus on you. This camera is limited to 100 degrees viewing area. For this type of camera, it provides an option for high-end security, where the dome cover can stand hitting against a 10kg object.

Bullet Cameras

These types of cameras are very popular and flood the market. They are often found in streets, supermarkets, and homes among other places. Their name is drawn from their shape, as they look like bullets. They are also known as lipstick cameras. Their viewing angle is 80degree horizontally and a vertical viewing of 40 degrees. They are very mall, thus hidden easily. They cannot be noticed fast and will offer sufficient surveillance.

Battery-Powered Cameras

This is a type of camera that saves the user from the trouble of wiring. This is because it does not require wired energy. It does not also require a wire o transmit the footage data. Once the batteries are put in, it is ready to start working. After charging for each battery is complete, it could last for up to 6 months. The camera is easy to change positions, for it is easily portable.

When searching for the right camera, it is important to consider their visibility, the area in degrees they are able to cover. This ought to go along with your needs for the camera if home or office use.

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