What Clear Braces Can Do For You

Looking for braces that fit your lifestyle and are a hassle-free option? You can correct teeth alignment and improve the look of your smile with the ease and comfort of clear braces. Created from clear ceramic materials, clear braces work well for mild to medium alignment issues.

A good and effective choice for adults and teenagers looking to treat alignment and improve the appearance of their teeth, clear aligners are a modern day creation that requires no actual modifications in your lifestyle. Consulting an experienced orthodontist in Singapore is the first step that results in the perfect smile and evenly aligned teeth that look good.

Better aesthetics

One of the key advantages of clear braces is that they look a lot more discrete and better than many other available options. They are a good alternative to traditional braces options. They are also equally effective as the traditional ones to treat mild to moderate alignment cases. The outcome you can expect when the treatment ends is as good as those alignment corrected with metal braces. Some traditional braces can feel painful due to their mostly metal components.

Clear braces are a practically pain-free choice. Although fashioned from teeth-coloured and sheer materials, these braces are robust. They are strong, and this strength is required to apply pressure on teeth. Ceramic braces have this with the advantage of being barely noticeable in pictures.

Comfort is key

If you are going to have to wear this for a couple of months or a year and so, then you will definitely want to get braces that are completely comfortable for you.

The traditional metal braces are not only obvious to the eyes, but they can also get pretty uncomfortable due to the large ceramic brackets that are placed onto your teeth. However, ceramic braces are considered one of the best options when it comes to comfortability for dental realignment. This treatment uses ceramic materials and smaller rounded brackets, which means that are they more unlikely to irritate or cause any kind of discomfort to your gums. All in all, it is a much more bearable experience when you get ceramic braces over metal braces.

The costs involved

Clear braces cost around $4,300 to $6,000 and are slightly more expensive when compared to traditional metal braces. The way they are being put on and the way they work is similar to metal braces as they are fixed braces. The only difference is that the brackets used are made of ceramic and are not metal and the archwire is also thinner. This archwire can also be made of polymer, a transparent type of material that makes the braces less visible.

Just like other braces, there are several things to consider when you decide to go for a braces treatment. You will have to think about the clinic or hospital you are planning to get the treatment at, the number of appointments and the orthodontist you are getting the treatment from. Once you have made these factors clear, you will be able to come up with the costs of the treatment and be aware of the value that it constitutes.


Clear braces are a comfortable choice to improve the alignment of your teeth. They are designed from clear, ceramic materials that make the braces less noticeable.

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