What Makes Korean Such A Popular Language

Studies have shown that speaking two or more languages is an asset in more ways than one. Career-wise, speaking more languages is a great way to pad your resume. Meanwhile, your cognitive abilities benefit from it greatly as well, as the brains of bilingual people have been shown to operate differently and to some extent much more efficiently than those who only speak a single language.

Having said that, here are a couple of reasons why you should take the time to learn Korean.

Korean Is Growing in Popularity

More than 72 million people speak Korean. This makes it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and it’s only growing in popularity. As South Korea becomes an even bigger player in the world economy, whether via their advancements in technology or their media, expect more and more people to learn Korean. Younger people, in particular, will benefit a lot from knowing how to speak Korean. This is because of the growing number of opportunities in Korea and adopting the language gives them a better chance in a market that only becomes more competitive as time passes by.

The Alphabet is Easy to Learn

As you’ll learn yourself once you enrol in a korean course in singapore, the Korean language isn’t that hard to learn. In fact, the Korean alphabet is only composed of 24 letters. This makes it very easy to learn how to read and write. Children, in particular, will find it easy to learn Korean as a second language, especially when compared to Japanese and Chinese.

Phonetics Are Straightforward

Unlike other languages, such as English, where some words sound nothing like how they’re written, the Korean language is different in that most are pronounced exactly as they appear. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, Korean phonetics should come very easily to you once you learn how to read the different characters.

Learning Korean is Fun and Easy

Unless you’re teaching yourself, which is entertaining in its own way, enrolling in a Korean course in Singapore and learning the language is fun and very easy. This is especially true for kids, where most classes are built around kid-friendly themes that include language videos often narrated by kids of the same age. Even if you’re an adult, the learning process can still be just as fun as memorable, albeit in a different manner.


As South Korea grows to become an even bigger player in the international market, it becomes imperative that we stay ahead of the times and learn their language. In doing so, we better equip ourselves in the eventuality that advancements in our career will require us to be proficient in Korean. Not to mention the fact that there are numerous benefits to knowing more than just one language.

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