What Makes Staying In Sentosa So Attractive, Or Not

Hailed as Singapore’s premium island resort, there is something for everyone (especially the wealthy!) at Sentosa Island. From the Universal Studios theme park to several happening beaches, there’s a lot going on.

But the main attraction for those with money to spare is Sentosa’s landed property. In contrast to rest of Singapore, property here can be owned by foreigners and locals alike, without additional costs or tariffs. With prices firmly encamped in the highest price bracket, only the super-rich can afford these luxurious homes. They offer ocean views, warm sand, and a plethora of recreational activities including superb golf courses. Add to this the enormous backyards that allow the complete seclusion of your home and you’ve got the perfect recipe for the wealthiest of homeowners.

So it should come as no shock that almost 60% of property on the island is owned by people from abroad.

Of course, there are pros and cons of living on this island paradise. The former includes:

  • Room to Breathe and Relax

For those who like their space and privacy, even the most upscale and chic townhouses in Orchard Road or Juniper Hill condo are not going to satisfy this craving. The residences there are renowned for much but not their size or isolation! Serenity and privacy are hallmarks of homes in Sentosa.

  • Sense of Belonging

The island was redone in the early 2000s to attract rich folks, so obviously golf courses, waterfront property and being neighbours with other rich folks is a given. This creates a comfortable feeling of community.

  • Access to open ocean

As a yacht owner, The Sail at Marina and Sentosa Cove are hands-down the best places to live. Designed for convenient and immediate access to the water, you can go exploring and sail home on the weekends if you live close by to the docks.

The good always comes with the bad, which includes:

  • Property value has been dropping in recent times

Properties in Sentosa are already at their highest price points so potential for growth is limited at this point. Besides, these properties are better classified as luxuries rather than investments. If proporty investment is your aim, it would be put to better use in properties in other parts of Singapore, such as Treasure at Tampines or Belgravia Green.

  • Incredible: Yes. Accessible: Not Really

With no mall, MRT or school nearby, a car is necessary. However, for the wealthiest individuals, public transport isn’t high up on the priority.

Sentosa’s residential units probably offer the best for wealthy homeowners, for both Singaporean and foreigners. It offers everything desired in a residential area, with the most luxurious of homes and fantastic amenities for those with extremely deep pockets. You’ll be every second in the lap of luxury while you reside in Sentosa.

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